Answers to the questions posed to our new Senator

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THE Moslem gentleman, who challenged Pauline Hanson on her perceivedproblem of Moslem prejudice, talked of fear, ignorance and hate. (ABC’s Qand A,Monday, July 18).

LESSON: “I would say to Pauline Hanson, if we have freedom of religion then she cannot stop Moslems, as such, from coming to this country” – David J Huck. Photo: SMH

These states of mind are the key elements in the dangerous unrest withinAustralia, and even more in the wider world.

Pauline Hanson has fear, and represents the fear of this country.She is alsoignorant of Islam and Moslems, I would suggest.

The Moslem gentleman alsohas fear, and is also ignorant of our culture.

Both of these people aretherefore generating prejudice against each other.Prejudice can lead to hate.This is xenophobia, unreasonable fear of the other.

Unfortunately our Attorney General, George Brandis, has stated that we areallowed to be bigoted, which is not good advice, especially coming from anAttorney General, I would suggest.

We are talking about freedom of speech,and freedom of religion, which in our democracy we are privileged to enjoy.

Moslems have to understand both these privileges.

They come to Australiaunderstanding there is freedom of religion, but presumably they do notunderstand exactly what freedom of speech means, in relation to their spiritualbeliefs.

I would say to Pauline Hanson, if we have freedom of religion then she cannotstop Moslems, as such, from coming to this country.

I would say to the Moslem gentleman you are free to practice your religion,but you also have to understand freedom of speech.

I would also ask him whether he knew that Salmon Rushdie, a British writer,had a fatwa imposed on him by the Ayatollah Khomeini, the spiritual leader ofIran, because Rushdie was perceived to have written a blasphemous book.

Here is a spiritual leader of one country imposing a death sentence on thewriter of another country for writing a book.Is that right?

The British taxpayersfooted the bill for Mr Rushdie’s police protection from a seriously threatenedcrime.

The blasphemy laws vary in Australian states, but the last conviction for suchan offence in NSW was in 1871.

Sharia law is very different from NSW law.

I would also ask our Moslem gentleman to read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book ‘Infidel’.She speaks as a Somalian Moslem, who was circumcised by her owngrandmother at the age of five.

We call that genital mutilation.Is that right?

Because Ms. Hirsi Al became apostate, a sentence of death was imposed onher!Is that right?

Those Australians represented by Pauline Hanson have the right to ask, witha mounting toll of death and destruction throughout the world, all perpetratedby people calling themselves Moslems and chanting “Allahu Akbar” – God isthe Greatest – how do they know which Moslem is which?

I believe Sharia law applies both sticks and carrots to persuade followers ofIslam to continue to follow Islam: the sticks involve death for apostasy,following in your responsible position in the Senate.

If not God, then for thesake of our own and children’s united, multicultural society.

With freedom ofspeech in mind, why is there a need to insult people, which may welljeopardise our privilege?

What is notably absent there is love.Maybe we should start with the Fair Go.

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Swan Hill racing returns

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Harry Coffey will be in action.RACING action returns to Swan Hill today with the Murray Mallee Winter Series continuing from 12pm today with a 10-race program.

Last week’s Winter Series action at Mildura saw Harry Coffey in fine form, ending the day with two winners.

Coffey steered the Stuart Webb-trained Wolf Eyes to victory over 1005m, before winning aboard the Shane Fliedner trained Comeback over 2000m.

It was a famous maiden victory for Comeback. In 14 races, the big bay gelding had finished second 10 times.

He hit the line well at Mildura and another win won’t be too far away.

It has been a good year at Mildura for Coffey.

He finished second in the Jockey’s Premiership behind Melbourne Cup winning jockey, Michelle Payne.

Patrick Payne took the honours in the Trainer’s Premiership, ahead of Darren Weir and Austy Coffey in third.

While the focus will be on Swan Hill’s racetrack today, one local in particular will look to have an impact as Michelle Hagley has continued her stunning return to racing.

The popular jockey begins riding track work every morning at the Swan Hill Racecourse before many get out of bed.

Hagley rode a couple of placegetters at Mildura last week, and was booked into ride at Wagga on Friday, but the meeting was postponed due to the condition of the track.

The hard jockey is certainly worth following. From her last 20 rides, Hagley has tasted victory five times.

And Harry isn’t the only Coffey on fire, the Austy Coffey-trained Solar Bravo paid $30 when it scored over a mile at Echuca in its last start.

It was the fourth win for the five-year-old gelding, who has now amassed over $55000 in his career.

Under the guiding hand of Jacob Rule, Solar Bravo settled well back in the field, before unleashing a perfectly timed sustained sprint to win by a nose on the line.

Solar Bravo is entered in the seventh race in Swan Hill today with Harry Coffey on board.

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Kimba builds to 14-goal win

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A grade Ports lost toKimba40-54

THE sun shone as the A grade took to the court in the late game.

Right from the start whistle both teams showed their intent and some very quick passages by both sides saw a good even contest.

Both goalies for each team were finishing off the hard work of their team mates.

Ports had a few wayward passes late into the game, which the Kimba side made no mistake converting to see them have the upper hand with a two-goal break to end the quarter 14-16

The second quarter started off in the same fashion as the first with both sides working hard and pouncing on any errors.

Kimba goalies Ellen Zibell and Jessica Clements made no mistakes in sinking the ball through the ring.

Just whenyou thought the Kimba side wasgetting the upper hand and starting to get momentum to increase the gap, the Ports girls fought right back in the dying minutes and as the timer got up Tamika Rehn for Ports scored a much needed goal to end the quarter twogoals down, 24-26.

The beginning of the third quarter belonged to the Ports side who came out with fire in their bellies applying plenty of pressure all over the court forcing the Kimba side into error.

Nice shooting and moving by Port goalies Tamika Rehn and Carlie Hutchins saw Ports gain the lead by twogoals.

The Kimba side waslooking a bit rattled but not for long.

They resettled and turned the tables on the Ports side and a five-minute lapse saw the Tigers pounce and make the Ports side pay for every error.

Spot on shooting by Kimba goalies saw them gain control of the game and the scoreboard with the lead jumping out to sixgoals, 35-41.

In the final quarter Ports made some changes but unfortunately the buzz and the sting had gone and the Ports girls were not playing with the same intent.

The Kimba side stepped it up forcing Ports into silly errors and capitalizing by their goalies finishing it off with accurate shooting.

What started out asa close encounter somehow had blown out to a 14-goal defeat.

The Ports girls should be very proud playing a ripper first half and a good start to the third quarter.

When they can play a full solid fourquarters they will see a good end result.

The final score was 40-54.

For Ports the awards went to Tamika Rehn who had a good game in the ring and Lani Hartwig who ran all game.

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PHOTOS: Abandoned school damaged by fire

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PHOTOS: Abandoned school damaged by fire TweetFacebook Sun.

“We had 19 crews on site at the height of the blaze. The fire was under control by 2.12am but took several hours to fully extinguish a fewhotspots.Crews remained at the scene until midday to make sure the fire didn’treignite.”

Firefighterswere unable to save the 1500 square metre disused hall/gymnasium.

Investigators are treating the fire as suspicious.

The cause of the fire has not yet been established.

Last year, the Sun exclusively reported on the derelict state of the former school which oncetook in as many as 800 students.

It closed at the endof 2009 because of major reputation problems and low enrolments.

The Department of Education announced plans to sell the siteafterpromises it would be retained.

Promises of a UWS facility called Lachlan Macquarie College specialising in maths and science never came to fruition.

The office of education minister AdrianPiccoli’s directed our queries to the Department of Education and Communities.

“The property has been identified as surplus to the department’s requirements at this time,” a spokesman said last July.

“Plans for the site will be determined as part of the department’s planning for new schools in Parramatta. The former Macquarie Boys High School is bound by main arterial roads, including James Ruse Drive and Kissing Point Road. Pedestrian access to the site is difficult and would hinder students walking or riding bikes to school. The site was unsuccessful as a high school and is not considered appropriate for a primary school due to its location.”

He added security patrols wouldensure the site wasn’tfurther vandalised.

This week, a spokesman confirmed the property is still owned by the departmentbut is in the process of being disposed of by Property NSW.

“The site is not suitable for a school due to access and site constraints,” he said.

“The Department has decided to sell the site and invest the proceeds into the provision of education infrastructure in the Parramatta / Rydalmere area.It is understood that a crime scene investigation is currently underway in relation to the fire on the site.The department is considering future action in relation to the damaged building, with demolition of the building one of the options under consideration.Designs have been released for the State’s first high-rise school and an adjoining primary school in Parramatta.The new Arthur Phillip High School and Parramatta Public School represent an investment of more than $100 million, with both schools scheduled to open in 2019. They will cater for up to 3000 students.The new primary school at the Old Kings School site in Parramatta is expected to open in 2017 and will cater for up to 1000 students.”

Police urge anyone with information about the fire to call Crime Stoppers on1800 333 000.


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Commissioner visits zone and hears firsthand RFS achievements

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Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons was at the South West Slopes Zone Rural Fire Service headquarters in Harden on last Thursday as chairperson of the Bush Fire Coordinating Committee. Picture: File imageRural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons was at the South West Slopes RFS headquarters inHarden last Thursday for a meeting of the Bush Fire Coordinating Committee, hosted by the South West Slopes Zone.

The committee, chaired by the commissioner,meets on a quarterly basis to discus state-level issues and includes senior representatives from a number of fire fighting and other government agencies.

It is routine to hold meetingsin different locations around the state.

The committee is responsible for planning in relation to fire prevention and coordinated bush firefighting.

It also advises the commissioner on bush fire prevention and mitigation and coordinated bush fire suppression.

The Bush Fire Coordinating Committeeconstitutes Bush Fire Management Committees (BFMCs) for all rural fire districts and areas with significant risk of bush fire.

It also approves Operations Coordination and Bush Fire Risk Management Plans that are prepared by the BFMCs.

Last Thursday’s meetingprovided South West Slopes Zone District Manager Andrew Dillon with an opportunity to address the commissioner directly over achievementsmade in the local zone this past year.

Mr Dillon focussed his presentation on the zone’s quick response to fires, hazard reduction and community engagement programs.

It has been the practice of the South West Slopes Zone to hit fires hard and fast with plenty of resources to ensure they do not get out of hand.

This worked well last summer.

Mr Dillon appreciated the opportunity to address the commissioner.

“I was very happy and impressed to see the Coordinating Committee come to Harden and hold their meeting here,” Mr Dillon said.

Presentations were also made by representatives from the Bland/Temora, Riverina Highlands and Riverina zones.

Following the meeting, Mr Fitzsimmons said Bush Fire Coordinating Committeemembers value their regional meetings.

“Once again, quality presentations from BFMC executive officers from across the local regionprovided great insights into local fire management challenges, programs and initiatives,” Mr Fitzsimmons said.

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Carr division one winner

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WINNERS: Division one stroke winner and bronze International Bowl winner captain Leah Carr, division two runner-up Claire Holman, division two winner Leonie Phelps and nine holer winner Maureen Maloney. The Cummins Golf Club ladies were keen to swing their sticks last week after missing their weekly game the week before with the course practically underwater in some areas.

Wednesday was thestroke event, round threeof the International Bowl and round fourof the putting competition.

Ronda Glover unexpectedly made her day more challenging, snapping her putter shaft inhalf.

Unperturbed she used her number threeiron as a putter for the remainder of hergame and considering she had 18 putts over nineholes for the putting competition, she putted extraordinarilywell.

She described the incident as a “putt in the butt”.

Number sevengave a few players angst with the ball running down the slope and into the hazard.

The manicured fairway still allowedthe ball quite abit of run, which can be advantageous or, as on number seven, no advantage at all.

Ronnie Murchison and Chris Koch joined the ladies back in the 19th to wait for the tee stewards to checkthe cards before winners were announced.

Leah Carr won division one(98/74) and was bronze winner of the International Bowl,Claire Holman was division onerunner up (103/75) and birdied on17,Leonie Phelps wondivision two(109/77) and Maureen Maloney was the nine-holewinner(86/64).

Carmel Sheehan won the Eyre Travel nearest the pinfor division one and LeoniePhelps won Doug Watson’s nearest the pinfor division two.

The novelty for the day was apt considering it was round fourof the putting competition. For division oneand two it was the most number of oneputts, and for the nine holers it was the most twoputts.

Division onewinnerwas Claire Holman with nineoneputts,Joan Nelligan wondivision twowith sevenone putts andRonda Glovertied with Maureen Maloney with 18 putts each for the nine-holer competition.

Tracey Wooley and Tiff Firthearned a handicap break from their previous game’sscore.

Carmel Sheehan brought out her magnificent ginger fluff sponge cake to surprise Joan Nelligan for her80th birthday and Chris Koch for her 60th.

Captain Leah Carr said how admired Mrs Nelligan, as an active patroness and player, and the women hoped they couldstill play 18 holes of golf every week when they turned 80.

She saidshe wasexcited to see Mrs Koch return to the club and the game as soon as she is able.

Saturday,July 23 wasa stableford event with Liz Blacker and Tracey Wooley on tee duty and Kathy Modra as hostess.

All the best to players competing in the country week competition this week.

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Wallis retains top spot

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Wallis Lake’s Bayden Schumann is on the ball.

Round 14 of Football Mid North Coast Premier League saw Wallis Lake travel toTuffins Lane, Port Macquarie to take on Port FC.

Mitch Yarnold in full flight.

The round one fixture betweenthese two sides earlier in the season resulted in Wallis Lake collecting all threepoints in what was a hard fought 4-2 win at Boronia Park.

The goal scoring began early, when after fiveminutes a quick counter attack from aWallis Lake corner saw the young Port FC winger outpace the Wallis Lakedefence before beating the goalkeeper one on one.

Port FC held onto their leadfor 20 minutes, before some brilliant attacking play found Pete Masterantonioopen in the six yard box, squaring the game up at 1-1.

Wallis Lake’s second goal was testament to their hard work, chipping away at thePort FC defence, before Ethan Perry beat his defender at half way, took the ballinto the box and crossed the perfect ball to Masterantonio who slotted home togive Wallis the lead of 2-1 at halftime.

The game was further taken away from Port FC, with Wallis Lake holding amajority of possession and forcing the opposition to survive wave after wave ofattacking play.

The second half deadlock finally broke when Roan Whitemanfound himself with space in the middle of the park, playing a sublime ball inbehind the defence was touched past the keeper for Ethan Perry to pass the ballinto an open net.

The final 10 minutes provided two more Wallis Lake goals, with super-subSteven Mealamu finding himself open on the back post after a parried shot fromRoan Whiteman landed at his feet, 4-1.

Tireless attacking by Mitch Yarnold downthe right wing came to fruition when man of the match, Perry again foundhimself one on one with the opposition keeper, blasting the goal into the back ofthe net.

Full time: Wallis Lake 5 (Masterantonio 2, Perry 2, Mealamu 1) – Port FC 1.

Camden Haven Redbacks slipping up again, losing 2-1 to Kempsey Saints athome sees Wallis Lake extend their lead at the top of the table.

Next Saturday,Wallis Lake are at home to Port United, who have shown an impressive run ofform lately which will likely test the fortitude of the squad.

Reserve gradeWallis Lake reserves again continued their winning ways, romping a 7-0 victoryover a much below class Port FC.

Although not playing their best, Wallis Laketurned on the fireworks in the second half to slot fivepast bottom placed Port FC.

Boaz Flower was again a standout for Wallis, with Chris Cheers, Jayden Carmodyand Tyla Chef pulling the strings in the middle of the park. Wallis Lake 7 (Clark 2,Walpole 1, Mealamu 1, Chef 1, Naylor 1, Carmody 1) – Port FC 0.

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Kelly appointed to shadow ministry

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Mike Kelly is officially sworn in as member for Eden-Monaro. Photo: Gemma VarcoeMike Kelly says he is pleased to have been appointed shadow assistant minister for Defence Industry and Support in the Federal Labor Opposition.

The appointmentcame within days of Dr Kelly being officially returned to the seat of Eden-Monaro following the election earlier this month.

On Thursday, July 21, the MP was declared the winning candidate by Australian Electoral Commission divisional returning officer for the division of Eden-Monaro, Renee Damasena, at the Queanbeyan AEC office.

Dr Kelly bested eight other candidates vying for the electorate, including incumbent Liberal member Peter Hendyby a slim difference of 1683 votes.

On his appointment to the shadow ministry, Dr Kelly said he looked forward to “continue my near 30-year service in Australia’s national security”.

“I look forward to bringing to bear my experience in Somalia, Bosnia, Timor Leste, Iraq and Afghanistan, in government in the roles of Parliamentary Secretary for Defence and Minister for Defence Materiel, and as security adviser to the Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten.

”I will be committed to ensuring that Australia’s Defence Industry is properly supported and developed as a critical aspect of our national security capability, contributing also to our overall economic strength.

“Our ADF deserves the best support that we can provide them with to keep them safe and successful.”

– with Gemma Varcoe

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Family fights for disabled boy’s rights, nappies

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A dispute over pull-up nappiesat a Hunter primary school has left a Clarence Town family seeking justice for their disabled son through the Human Rights Commission.

The family claim their eight-year-old son has been victimised and discriminated against over the type of pull-up nappies he wears to cope with his incontinence.

They said he should wear the pull-up nappies that have been approved by his Hunter New England Health continence nurse instead of the nappies that the school had chosen for him.

They lodged a complaint with the commission after the school wrote to them on May 12 and saidthe boy’s nappies were aWork Health and Safety risk to staff and students and he could not return until he had “appropriate hygiene apparel”.

The school claimed the nappies did not meet the boy’s needs and hissoiled clothing had to be changed on several occasions.

The school wrote a day later and said it had sourced pull-up nappies for the boy to wear at school and sent another letter on May 27 to say“we do not feel there is any further hindrance to [the boy’s] attendance at school”.

His parents have not sent himback to school. They said theschool did not have the right or experience to select a nappy for their child. They sent the school a copy of his continence nurse’s report, which said the nappies were appropriate in the short-term, as he was growing, and are still waiting on a response.

They said communication with the school had halted and aHuman Rights Commission hearingwould help them seek justice for their boy. They havecalled for a public apology from the NSW Department of Education, damages, and equal opportunity training for department staff.

“We’ve done nothing wrong … This has all happened because of nappies, it shouldn’t have happened, the people responsible need to be accountable for this,” the boy’s father said.

“He can’t stand up for himself, he is relying on us to fight for his right to an education and his right to be treated fairly,” his mother added.

The family is now at the centre of a childprotection investigation after the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) received a complaint about the child’s absence from school.

They have lodged another Human Rights Commission complaint about the investigation and alleged theNSW Department of Education contacted FACS about their son’s absence. The complaint also notedthat FACS staff interviewed their eldest son alone at school and allegedhe was extremely stressed after the interview and wasseeing a psychologist to cope.

A FACSspokesman said it could not comment on the investigation but its priority was to “always act in the interest of the safety and well-being of children” and “work hard to ensure children are properly protected”.

The NSW Department of Education would not comment on the school’s actions or say whether one of its employees made the complaint to FACS.A spokesman said the school “continues to work closely with the family” and “the student has not been suspended” but disability advocate Julie Phillips, whorepresentsthe family, said communication had halted and she had been told to stop sending letters to the school.

“Children with disabilities all around Australia experience toileting accidents of a much more significant nature than[this child] at school,” she said.

“If every such child was banned due to supposed ‘OHS’risks, a good percentage of children with disabilities would be unable to attend school.”

Police also received a complaint about the boy’s welfare and visited the family home last month. They are not investigating.

The boy has severe child autism spectrum disorder, global developmental delay and intellectual impairment, ADHD, incontinence and cannot speak.

He relies on his parents to change his nappiesat homeand a support person to do the same at school. They said problems at the school started earlier this yearwhen they were told funding for his support teacher would soon run out.They said communication over that issue had ceased, although a department spokesman said “ongoing support options are currently being discussed with the family”.

* Fairfax Media has chosen not to name the family out of respect for privacy.Maitland Mercury

Inspiration drawn from coast’s beauty

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INSPIRATION: Gail Higgins, Kathy Jonas and Geoff Sear exhibit work celebrating nature and the beauty of the bayside at the Old Schoolhouse Gallery in August.

The monthly change of artwork at the Old SchoolhouseGallery guarantees our visitors will see something new every month. It is also an opportunity for members to showcase a “body of work” as a feature artist.

The next exhibitionis inspired by the natural beauty of the Queensland coast. Bayside artists Gail Higgins and Kathy Jonas have collaborated to bring Coastto the gallery during August.The paintings by Gail and Kathy are complemented by Geoff Sear’s quirky sculptures of found objects and the exhibition comes together as a celebration of nature and the beauty of the bayside.

The bay islands are a feature in Kathy’s beautiful acrylic seascapes, and her canvases show her deep connection to all things coastal.She brings a touch of whimsy to the exhibition with her delightful fantasy sea-horses in brilliant colour.

Gail is an award-winning wildlife artist well known for her paintings and drawings of Australian native birds.For this exhibition her work includes delicate pencil drawings and paintings in pastel and acrylic of birds of the coastal fringe.

Geoff delights with his sculptures, as well as timber-framed mirrors, small wooden boxes and cheese boards.

Opening night isFriday August 5from 6.30pm and the exhibition runs until August28.The Old SchoolhouseGallery,124 – 126 Shore Street North, Cleveland, is openFriday – Sunday, 9.30am to 4.30pm.

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