Resounding cheers for Wallamba Bulls

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FORSTER-Tuncurry Dolphins celebrated minor premiership success in the Lower Mid North Coast rugby union competition with a training canter, but it was the Wallamba Bulls of Nabiac who won the resounding cheers.

Inspired by a slashing four-try performance by fullback Chris Tout, the Bulls’ forwards fought hammer and tongs with their Gloucester rivals to win possession for their enterprising backs to run in eight tries to the Cockies’ three for a 44-21 victory at Nabiac Showground.

For the Dolphins the first major accomplishment of the winter came as an anti-climax with the decision of the Myall Coast Mud Crabs to forfeit the game at Tuncurry after losing three front row forwards to injury in the week, preventing them fielding a safe, hardened scrummaging pack.

With only two rounds remaining before the play-offs, Myall Coast’s second forfeit has endangered their fourth position on the competition table and a semi-final berth. They have 19 points, one point ahead of Gloucester. A third forfeit will lead to their elimination from the competition.

In hooker Mick Wooster, props Mitch Meredith and Andrew Pollock and locks Tim Threadgate and Lukas Dellsperger, Gloucester have as formidable a scrummaging unit as any in the competition, but it was Wallamba’s tenacious hooker James Watt who stole their thunder with an early strike against the feed. Gloucester would exact revenge.

Whereas the forward struggle was absorbingly even combat, Gloucester’s back line found no way to halt fullback Tout’s rampaging runs through midfield, for all the strong tackling of outside-centre Mark Gurusinga.

Wallamba’s jubilation after the game was understandable. They have developed remarkably this year under the coaching of Lee Sullivan and Jim Wilson.

Rarely recognised players such as mobile flanker, Bodie Vidler, working tirelessly after a three-week knee injury, strong-tackling outside-centre Tom Jenkins, constructive five-eighth James Dinnan, lock Aaron Griffis and lineout-winner Daniel Barber, are blending splendidly with stalwarts such as Dan Hessing and Saul Clough.

Chris Tout scored four tries for Wallamba in the clash against Gloucester at Nabiac.

There are two things which will stop the Dolphins from claiming their fourth successive premiership next month – complacency and 25-year-old Chris Tout.

Any observer with one eye could understand why Sydney and Brisbane rugby league clubs attempted to win Tout’s signature with rich contract offers as a younger player. But Tout stayed at home. “You can take the boy out of the bush, but you can’t take the bush.”

Gloucester were best served by their exciting young five-eighth Ryan Yates who displayed pace and penetration for two superb tries, his first a 90-metre dash in beating defenders down the left wing.

It has been a difficult season with rain disruptions, game postponements and a plague of injuries, but just five weeks remain before the grand final on August 27. Surely Myall Coast, the 2012 premiers, can summon the strength to finish with credibility.

Wallamba44 (C Tout 4 tries J Dinnan D Hessing J Watt D Russell tries; S Curnow 2 goals) beat Gloucester21 (R Yates 2 tries M Wooster try, 3 goals).ManningRiver76 beat Oold Bar0; Forster-Tuncurrybeat MYALL COAST by forfeit.

Next Saturday’s 14th round: Gloucester v Myall Coast at Gloucester; Manning River v Forster-Tuncurry at Taree Rugby Park; Wallamba v Old Bar at Nabiac.

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Backgrounding key to carcase success

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Top job: Chris and Marianne Wyllie, Gympie, took home a swag of prizes at the Gympie Carcase Classic including the award for the highest dressing percentage with 61.2 per cent.The 2016 Gympie Carcase Classic attracted large numbers of competitors from notable beef producing areas with organisers deeming it the most successful event in years.

For the first time competition cattle were backgrounded for about 49days prior to feedlot entry and Goldmix Stockfeeds’ Jo Offord said the difference in results from start to finish was outstanding.

“We had big problems with Bovine Respiratory Disease last year from the word go and we can now clearly link that to the cattle coming straight off mum,” he said.

“If you’regoing to put cattle in a feedlot straight off a cow that has been producing good milkit will take that beast roughly four weeks just to turn around and adjust to the grain.

“The rumen is familiar with the proteinin the cow’s milkand throughbackgrounding we can alter the rumenof that beast at a lesser extremeso when cattle enter the feedlot they start on grain much better.”

Mr Offord said last year’s issues with sickness were linked to stress, exacerbated when enforcing a swift transition from the cow herd onto grain.

“In comparison to last year the cattle ate 4.6 tonnes plus a bale of hay per day in the first three days without background and averaged 7kg weight gain in that time,” he said.

“Essentially they’d been trucked, some for long distances, andcurfewed for their induction weight so the first thing they wanted to do when they entered the feedlot was gorge themselves.

“This type of system causes rumen bacteria problems that take 12 hours to break down and four weeks to rebalance but we eliminated that problem immediately this year by backgrounding.”

This year’s competition cattle were fed at Narelle and Noel Cheshire’s Windera Glen Feedlot at Windera, via Murgon.

Cattle were inducted and weighed before receiving a seven week backgrounding period on a good grass paddock prior to starting on the feedlot ration.

With an average weight of 319kg at the commencement of feeding, cattle began on astarter ration of 13.5 per cent protein and 10.5 megajoulesof energy. The ration is also 15 per cent fibre to help keep the rumen moving after thegrass diet, as well as 2.5 per cent fat, calcium and phosphate.The starter ration was fed for 14 days to ensure cattle started properly.

At half way cattle averaged 403kg with an average daily gain of 1.78kg, compared to the 2015 results where cattle averaged 380kg at half way gaining 1.5kg on average daily.

At the conclusion of 86 days on feed the 2016 carcase competition cattle weighed 451kg.

Carcase competition overseeing judge Barry McIntyre said the 2016 event produced the best cattle in terms of even fat cover he had seen.

“This was the first year since I’ve been judging that everything covered. Most of the cattle had fivemillimetresand only five or six head didn’t have more than three millimetres,” he said.

“The weight gain from the feedlot was fantastic- the backgrounding obviously played a significant part as well as having good weather mild weather conditions.

“Thecattle were noticeablyquieter to handle than in previous years and that goes a long way towards better yields.”

Having worked at Nolan Meats, Gympie, for 19 years,Mr McIntyre’s current role asboning room team leader lends him great credibility injudgingthe Gympie competition- a task he has undertaken for the last three years.

Mr McIntyre said it was becoming more common to see high muscle measurements of more than 100 square centimetres in the competition.

“An increase in better yielding carcases is a good thing generally but ithelps us in the boning room a great deal and the team behind the scenes have done a great job.”

Results:Most suitable carcase for the domestic market- Thompson familyThe Charlie Cotter allrounder- Pratt familyMost suitable carcase for the domestic market (heifer)- Pratt familyMost profitable animal- Zerner familyBest aggregate of carcases- Pratt familyHighest WAM score- Wyllie familyThe Dylan Dalton cattleman’s choice- Minnamurra Pastoral Co.Most successful first time exhibitor- Rosa Cattle Co.Highest dressing percentage- Wyllie familyEncouragement award- A Templeton & SonHighest index score- Minnamurra Pastoral Co.Best weight gain in feedlot- Zerner familyBest weight gain at backgrounding- Rosa Cattle Co.Carcase with largest eye muscle area- Pratt familyThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

Students face up to The Enemy Within

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Shirley-May Swan, Joe Williams, Zanah Rose, Ty Glendenning and Kimalee McInnis.Opening with words from his suicide note to his children, former NRL player and professional boxer Joe Williams held nothing back when he shared his story withMoree Secondary College students in The Enemy Within workshop on Thursday.

“It can be impacting, knowing the subject we talk about,” Joe said. Raw and real, Joe shared the daily struggle that led him to the brink, and the great resilience and small steps that brought him back to a healthy place.

“I’m still alive and I’m lucky to be alive. When I realised that I’ve got a second chance, I made a promise to myself to make a positive impact.”

Teacher John O’Connor said the students were transfixed by Joe’s honesty, the quietest he could remember seeing them.“It’s certainly engaged them into the moment,” he said.

“This is real, this person’s been there.” John said it meant a lot for students to see how Joe had come back from his darkest days.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Joe said he had struggled with suicidal thoughts and depressive moods almost every day of his life. Dealing with extreme emotional highs and lows, Joe said,“can be a moment by moment thing, sometimes”.

“It wasn’t spoken about for a couple of years, people are taken aback by it,” he admitted.Joe wanted the students to know that mental illness didn’t need to hold them back, and was proud to keep achieving at a high level despite the daily struggle.

Through his years of mental anguish, Joe was able to play NRL for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, Penrith Panthers and Canterbury Bulldogs. He became a professionalboxer in 2009,is a two timeWBF World Jnr Welterweight champion and recently won the WBC Asia Continental Title.

“You can succeed in whatever you want to do if you are struggling,” Joe said. He said the diagnosis gave him some relief, butexplained that bipolar disorder didn’t define him, and neither did his professional sporting career.

“I’m like every other single person out there in the community that goes to work and has my bills to pay.”

Joe taught students how to recognise the signs of mental illness in themselves and others, and shared a number of practical tips for those struggling to get through each day. He talked about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity, and led students through maintaining healthy communication with others.

He told students that dealing with mental illness was no different to physical illnesses – there’s no shame in going to a doctorif you break your leg, likewise there should be no shame in seeking helpif you’re feeling overwhelmed.

He felt lucky to share his story everyday, andto know that he had a positive impact on others.

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Two men rescued from Figure Eight Pools in Royal National Park

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Tourists pose for photographs earlier in January at the Figure Eight Pools in the Royal National Park. Photo: Wolter PeetersTwo men were flown to safety after swimming in the notorious Figure Eight Pools in Sydney’s Royal National Park.

Emergency services were called to the pools at the southern end of the park on Sunday night following reports that people were in trouble after the tide had risen.

The men, aged 28 and 29, were winched to safety by a NSW Ambulance Helicopter.

The 29-year-old was taken to Sutherland Hospital where he was treated for minor hypothermia and injuries.

The younger man was taken to Garie Beach car park where he was treated for minor hypothermia. He did not require hospital treatment.

Wollongong police, Police Rescue, State Emergency Services volunteers, paramedics and Surf LIfe Savers were all involved in the rescue.

The rescue comes one week after a 20-year-old man was flown from the pools after he was knocked over by a wave.

He suffered superficial injuries to his wrist, thigh and knee, and paramedics eventually decided to call an ambulance rescue helicopter.

In recent months, the picturesque pools have attracted thousands of sightseers, who have risked injury to snap social media photos along the rock shelf which becomes inundated at high tide.

In January, more than 100 people were visiting the pools when a powerful wave crashed over the rock shelf and swept sightseers off their feet.

Three women were flown to hospital for treatment while a number of others suffered cuts, grazes and bruising.

Police said people were reminded to check for weather conditions and tide times before heading to the pools.

with Illawarra Mercury 

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Bank of Melbourne sign calling homeless person ‘inconsiderate’ sparks outrage

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A sign posted outside a Bank of Melbourne branch in Footscray that called a rough sleeper “inconsiderate” has sparked outrage.

The homeless person had been sheltering in the entrance of the bank, blocking access to the branch’s ATM, which led an employee at the bank to post the notice.

The sign read: “Due to an inconsiderate person using the foyer as a place to live and litter, we are having to close this part of the branch until further notice.”

A photo of the note was posted on the bank’s Facebook page by Gemma Carafella, who called the bank’s thinking “out of touch”.

“To think that the biggest victim in the scenario described in the sign is the bank demonstrates a fairly startling disconnect between your bank and the struggles of people who are experiencing disadvantage,” she wrote.

“You are out of touch.”

A representative for the bank apologised for the offending sign and said it would be taken down.

“We apologise for any offence taken as this was certainly not our intention,” the Facebook reply read. “We will be addressing this directly with the branch manager.”

One Facebook user said the bank’s response would determine whether they stayed with the Bank of Melbourne. “I know banks aren’t compassionate institutions, but this is too much,” they wrote.

Another wrote: “If you had the capacity to put yourself in another’s shoes, you’d realise that to the customers/business it is purely an inconvenience, but to the homeless it is quite literally a matter of life and death.”

But some were supportive of the sign. One Facebook user wrote: “How would all of you people appreciate someone sleeping and littering on your property, especially if it affected how you ran your business?”

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