Hey hey hey, it’s an old Hunter bus stop

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All Aboard: Newcastle artist Trevor Dickinson’s depiction of a bus stop at Maitland.

See this artwork. It reminds us of the old cartoon Fat Albert.

D’you remember that show? “Hey hey hey, it’s Fat Albert. And I’m gonna sing a song for you….”

This bus stop used to be at Maitland railway station. Trevor Dickinson created a popular artwork of the structure.

It’s something about the style and colour of the art that triggered this connection to Fat Albert.

We freely admit we could bethe only person in the world to make this link.

Anyhow, we should stop daydreaming and do some work.

This artwork is actually Newcastle artist Trevor Dickinson’s depiction of a bus stop at Maitland.

ABC Newcastle producer Anthony Scully told Topics that Trevor had to “climb a fence to photograph the old bus stop structure at Maitland in a railway siding”.

“You can still find it on Google Maps but my sources tell me it’s not there anymore,” Anthony said.

He was hoping to film a segment with Trevor with the actual bus stop or a similar one.

If anyone knows where to find similar bus stops in the region, Anthony would like to know.

He had heard the Maitland bus stop was moved to a park in Sydney and being refurbished for use as a shelter.

Trevor’s artwork of the bus stop was “now famous in Canberra, adorning prints, postcards, tea towels and coffee mugs”.

McCloy’s SecretsProperty developer Jeff McCloy shared the secrets of his success at a Newcastle event on Monday night.

The former lord mayor was keynote speaker at a business seminar titled The Secrets To Property Success at The Lucky Hotel in Hunter Street.

Jeff kindly shared a list of his secrets before the seminar began.Here they are: Profit when you buy, not sell; buy the worst house in the best street;add value;have self belief;the market has seven-year cycles; do your homework; don’t buy when everyone else is buyingunless you see something they don’t; buyproperty as closeto a CBD as possible because values rise faster there than elsewhere; opportunity knocks softly; be very careful of managing yourdebt; ensure you have enough cash flow; have determination andnever give up; ask yourself if you could survive the worst that could happen in adeal; have a fall back position; maintenance of investment properties anddesign and colour are important; focus on the detail; if you just want to make money, it probably won’t work; if you want to do a good job and make money, it might; when you look at a building for sale, don’t see walls –think what it could be.

Quiz Show SecretsTopics reported last week about Russell Cheekand his story of winningSale of the Century in 1993.

Russell, who grew up in Newcastle,performed a theatrical show about the experienceoverfour nights last week at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Bolton Street.

We checked it out on Saturday night. Itwas brilliant, funny, nostalgic and revealing.

Russell won the big prize on the quiz show, collecting cash and prizes worth more than $313,000.To achieve this, he had to win eight consecutive shows.

In his performance at the theatre, he revealed that each episode of the quizshow wasfilmed 10 minutes apart.

Having won his seventh show, he was on a roll. The schedule for that day included one more show, which would have featured Russell going for the grand prize.

But at the last minute a producer told him they had a “technical problem” and couldn’t do the last show.So Russell had to fly back home to Sydney.It seemed like they were trying to “psyche him out”.When he returned to Melbourne for the final show, he overcame his nerves to claim victory.

We asked Russell if he believed the show organisers were trying to “rattle him” to prevent him winning the big prize.

He said he believed their story about the “technical problem”. Was it acoincidence that on his final show he came up against a woman who seemed to have a real chance of beating him?In the end, it didn’t matter. Russell blitzed her. The guy has an amazing brain.

Joke of the DayHave you met my friend Annette? She’s married to a fisherman.

Ceduna Blues vs Thevenard: July 23REPORTS, GALLERY

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Ceduna Blues vs Thevenard: July 23 | REPORTS, GALLERY TweetFacebookA Grade:Ceduna Blues United (28) defeated by Thevenard (51)

B Grade:Ceduna Blues United (36) defeated by Thevevard (39)

Ceduna best: Georgia Lambeff

Thevenard best: Frew Halbert

A very close tussle was fought throughout the game with the lead changing many times. Thevenard had the first 5 goals on the scoreboard in both the 1st and 2nd quarters before CBU could score. For each quarter CBU caught up and levelled at each break. Third quarter saw a role reversal with CBU scoring the first 5 goals before Thevenard could register one. Thevenard, with good defensive pressure were able to level the score at 3/4 time. The last quarter was set for a good showdown. Thevenard applied the pressure defensively and on the scoreboard with some impressive play, which gave them the lead at the final whistle.

C Grade – Team 1:Ceduna Blues United 1 (31) defeated by Thevenard (37)

Ceduna Best: Amy Norsworthy

Thevenard Best: Dakota Nicholls

The first quarter pressure was strong by both teams resulting in a one goal lead by Ceduna Blues at quarter time. In the second quarter, Thevenard’s pressure intensified and the pace quickened. Thevenard led by 4 goals at half time. In the third quarter, Blues changed their line up and pressure continued by both teams resulting in some unforced errors. Blues won the quarter by a goal, closing the gap to three, Thevenard’s way. Blues had another change at three quarter time, yet Thevenard goalies remained shooting accurately and continued to apply pressure down the court. Thevenard won the quarter by 3 goals. Final scores were31 to 37 Thevenard’s way.

C Grade – Team 2:Did not play

D Grade:Ceduna Blues United (39) defeated Thevenard(21)

Ceduna Best: Natalie Filsell and Kirsty Sansbury

Thevenard Best: Remi Watson and Kaitlin Kavanagh

Blues started well capitalising on several loose balls and turnovers to have a 12 goal lead at quarter time.

Excellent pressure in defence created plenty of opportunities for the blues midcourt to provide the hard working goalies with extra opportunities to extend the lead throughout the second quarter.

Thevenard fought back hard in the second half of the match with their goalies shooting accurately and their midcourt and defence working well to bring the ball down the court,but blues hung on to win by 18

Junior A:Ceduna Blues United (34) defeated Thevenard (26)

Ceduna Best: Kayla Gurney

Thevenard Best: Molly Inglis

A great competitive game by both sides today. First quarter saw both teams creating very quick play which resulted in many simple mistakes. By second quarter both teams seemed to have settled and began playing their own game. Thevenard’s goalies were moving very well around the goal ring and were being fed to by their attackers well – leaving CBU defences on the back foot a number of times. Half time scores were CBU 35 to Thv 22.

CBU made some changes to their attack end and this was working well for them. The CBU goalies were working hard to beat their equally tall opponents, and the passes coming from the attackers were perfectly positioned. Last quarter saw CBU’s defensive pressure really lift, particularly in the goal circle. Was a great game to watch and great sportsmanship from both sides.

Junior B:Game rescheduled to Wednesday night

Junior C:Game rescheduled to Wednesday night

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Uni pip Bombers in tense finish

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QUALITY: Blake Grewar was outstanding for the Bombers against Sydney University, with 34 disposals, 10 clearances and five inside 50s. Picture: Highflyer Images

Sydney University stole victory from the jaws of defeat on Saturday when they overran a gallant Redland to win a thrilling NEAFL contest by nine points at Blacktown.

The Bombers led for most of the match before the lead changed four times in an epic last quarter, which saw the students come out on top 8.12 (60) to 7.9 (51).

With their season on the line, Redland made their intentions known from the opening bounce when Nick Weller and Blake Grewar combined for the first two goals.

The Bombers went into quarter-time 13 points clear as the students soon went up a gear, reducing the margin to seven within a minute of the second through Rising Star nominee Michael Manteit.

Redland were held goalless for the term as Sydney Uni booted 2.4 to hit the front by two point at half-time.

A pair of goals from Bombers forward James Rayner restored the lead for the Bombers deep into the third as they held on to a two-point lead at the last change to set the match up for a tense finish.

The students were first to strike through Lewis Stevenson as the two sides traded blows for the first 20 minutes of the quarter.

It took consecutive goals from Kany Murphy, followed by young gun Sam Fong at the 25-minute mark, to push the Students over the line.

They were led brilliantly by defender Tim Barton, Tom Ayton, Aaron Day, with midfielders Fong (20 disposals), Stevenson (25 disposals and seven clearances) and ruckman Spencer Krochmal also damaging.

Grewar was outstanding for the Bombers with 34 disposals, 10 clearances and five inside 50s. Rising Star nominees Hayden Bertoli-Simmonds (23 disposals) and Darcy Cameron-Reeves, plus defender Peter Yagmoor, Adrian Williams and ruckman Craig Malone were among their better players.

It was Sydney Uni’s first ever win over the Bombers in the competition, having lost by two points (2014), 10 (2015) and 24 (2016) in their only three encounters.

The students leaped into second place on the ladder by percentage with four rounds remaining.

The Bombers remain in seventh, but are now four points adrift of sixth spot after Southport’s win over Brisbane on Sunday.

They face eighth-placed Gold Coast in a must-win clash next Sunday to keep their finals hopes alive.

Sydney University v RedlandSYDNEY UNIVERSITY 1.1 3.5 5.9 8.12 (60)

REDLAND 3.2 3.3 6.5 7.9 (51)

GOALS – Sydney University: K Murphy, D Bonney, T McCaffrey, M Vicic, S Fong, M Manteit, J Derickx, L Stevenson. Redland: J Rayner 2, B Grewar, N Weller, B Howard, C Malone, D Cameron-Reeves.

BEST – Sydney University: T Barton, T Ayton, A Day, S Fong, L Stevenson, S Krochmal. Redland: B Grewar, H Bertoli-Simmonds, D Cameron-Reeves, P Yagmoor, A Williams, C Malone.

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Lack of interest forces recess

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Young and District Chamber of Commerce president Jim Cusack is hopeful the current recess is temporary and the Chamber gets back up and running.

In a big hit for local businesses, the Young and District Chamber of Commerce has been forced to go into recess.

The news is disappointing for Young businesses, but the Chamber has only gone into recess and not closed down permanently.

As such, an opportunity to revive the Chamber of Commerce in the future remains an option.

President of the Young and District Chamber of Commerce Jim Cusack said it was disappointing to go into recess, but it was the only viable option.

“Ideally the Chamber of Commerce would continue to operate, but that was not an option,” Mr Cusack said.

“Due to a lack of interest from local businesses, we decided to go into recess rather than shut the Chamber down.

“Last year, four directors stood down and we only received one nomination to fill those spaces.

“We did not have a retailer on the committee.

“The good news is that we haven’t closed it.

“The account is still there if people get interested and want to put the work in to get it back up and running,” he said.

The Chamber in its current format was established in 2007 and enjoyed some significant successes.

It was re-invigorated mid-2013 with a new president and group of directors coming onboard.

The year 2014 was particularly successful with well-attended Business Awards and a very positive Christmas shopping campaign.

Mr Cusack is hopeful under an amalgamated council, the Chamber may return to operation.

“I am hopeful the enthusiasm will return, possibly over a broader area which includes Young, Boorowa and Harden,” Mr Cusack added.

“We were in a similar situation three years ago when there was also a distinct lack of interest and involvement.

“We formed a vibrant and energetic committee which was very successful.

“Hopefully as the amalgamation of the three councils under the Hilltops banner gets settled, we can find enough interest in the communities to get back up and running again,” he said..

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Adam and Neal end seal’s ordeal at Manyana

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STUCK: A baby seal endured a week stuck in fishing line until Lake Conjola man Neal Cameron rescued it. Photo supplied. AN exhausted baby seal, estimated to have been trapped in fishing net for about a week at Manyana beach took about 30 seconds to find its way home without looking back, once freed.

One of its rescuers, Neal Cameron, said a tourist couple walking along the sand spotted what many people coming down the pathway to the beach missed for several days, even though they walked past close enough to touch the animal.

In its distressed state the creature had kept its head down and was well camouflaged under foliage beside the path.

In the recent big stormy seas it had washed up after becoming entangled in some sort of fishing net, possibly a keeper’s bag, which had then snagged on a small tree.

Neal Cameron from Lake Conjola and mate Adam Williams from Wandandian were also on the beach, so the couple walking told them of the seal’s plight.

“The beach walkers asked Neal and I to help,” Mr Williams said.

“When we found him he was pushed back up into the scrub on the shoreline, with the green fishing net around his head and torso, and was quite distressed.”

Mr Cameron had some gloves and a fishing knife.

“We were able to free him from the treeline first and then from the rest of the fishing net,” Mr Cameron said.

“It was pretty stroppy, snarling at us to start with, but we held it tight to immobilise it and lifted it up so it couldn’t get any traction with its flippers on the sand.”

Once Neal’s final knife stroke cut the seal free, instinct immediately kicked in.

“He slapped his way back to the ocean, not once did it turn around and say thanks,” Mr Williams said.

“We estimated the seal might have been there for well over a week, with the recent large swells we’ve had.”

“It looked like an Australian fur seal, which is commonly found along the NSW coastline.”

Seal story goes viral

THE web video story of the baby seal tangled in a net has featured in Sea Shepherd’s Marine Debris Campaign Australia.

The video, shot on Manyana Beach by Adam Williams of his mate Neal Cameron cutting the stranded seal free after it was trapped for several days, got a massive response online.

More than 666,000 people have viewed the video on the Milton Ulladulla Times Facebook page, it has reached 1.8 million people’s news feeds and drawn almost 300 comments.

All ended well for the seal, after it apparently washed up in recent heavy storms and the net that had ensnared it in the ocean then caught around a shrub in the Manyana dunes.

Stroppy to start with, the moment the final stroke of Mr Cameron’s fishing knife freed it, it flapped straight to the waterline within 30 seconds and was gone.

Liza Dicks, Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign coordinator said the survival from the net was great news.

“But thousands of ocean creatures around the planet are not so lucky.

They become helpless and often die,” Ms Dicks said.

“Marine debris like discarded fishing nets, line, and tackle cause a slow, long, lonely and painful death to so many marine wildlife species.”

Ms Dicks told the Milton Ulladulla Times their current campaign started in February, included Plastic Free July, and so far had conducted more than 52 clean ups around Australia, and removed more than 170,000 pieces of debris.

Sea Shepherd’s website says debris can cause injury or death through drowning, injury through entanglement, internal injuries, and starvation following ingestion.

The website also warns that consumers of seafood digest toxins absorbed in man-made debris plastic or fibrous material now present in large percentages of fish.

“We try to educate as much as we can about this devastating threat to our oceans, which is increasing daily,” Ms Dicks said.

“We must keep our oceans safe for the wildlife that live in them.

The change starts with us.”

You can get involved in a clean up via Sea Shepherd’s Facebook and website.

Visit 苏州美甲美睫培训学校facebook苏州美甲美睫培训学校/SSAUBeachCleanUps and 苏州美甲美睫培训学校seashepherd.org419论坛/marinedebris.

Both sites cover Sea Shepherd’s direct action conservation efforts, up to date figures of marine debris they remove and facts and figures on its impact.

SEAL HERO: Lake Conjola man Neal Cameron, who rescued the trapped seal with his mate Adam Williams from Wandandian. (Photo supplied)

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