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WinterDark blue clouds rolling

Wind howling

Leaves rustling

Trees hugging boughs close

As winter bullies

The last gold crisp thread of carpet

To the ground.

Total colour

Rainbow from the sky

Falls to earth

Red, brown, gold and yellow


Clouds clap

Rains fall

Chill sets

Blue clouds rolling

Wind howling

Trees lie brave and bare

A soft white carpet

Falls from the sky


Soft soft silence.

Winter’s rest.

by Diane Simmonds

Bag Lady 2She sits on Manly’s promenade

And whistles while she works

Sewing, sewing,

Busy, busy,

Seams across her skirt.

Waves crash on the sands

The wind ships her feeble dirge

To blend with the seagulls

Fighting for off cast chips

And crumbs of bread.

She sits and whistles

SewingAnd drags her skirt around

Her ragged frame

To sew another seam

A seagull pecks

At a knob of mouldy bread

Protruding from her perished bag,

Squawking, fighting, bickering.

“Shoo” she says:

The lyrics of her song.

by Diane Simmonds

The Mudgee Valley Writers were founded in 1986. The group welcomes new members, whether experienced writers or not. They meet at Club Mudgee, First Floor, Room 2. Second Tuesday each month at 12pm-3pm. [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训学校

Express yourself: The Mudgee Valley Writers were founded in 1986. They present Ink Spot fortnightly.

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Wild dog baiting push

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Wild dog attacks caused Orangeville farmer Eric Rudd to lose45 sheep in just eight weeks recently.

The farm is the 96-year-old’s livelihood and the loss was devastating.

But now Mr Rudd has joined Great Western Sydney Local Land Services’ campaign to bait wild dogs.

The campaign, which runs alongside the service’s fox eradication program, is largely localised to the Orangeville, The Oaks and Oakdale areas, as they are most at risk of attack.

Mr Rudd is thrilled with the results of the wild dog baiting for his farm.

“It’s been about seven months since the last attack on my stock,” the farm said.

“The efforts of Local Land Services in training me to bait and help monitor wild dog activity on my property has been second to none.

“Without the ongoing support I truly believe wild dogs would have put me out of business by now.”

The service’s senior biosecurity officer Lee Parker said it was important to note that the dogs being bated were not domesticated.

“These are true wild dogs,” he said.“They’re not dingoes, but they’re descendants of dingoes.It’s not anyone’s pets that we’re baiting.”

Mr Parker said wild dogs were common in rural areas and encouraged all local landholders to join the campaign, which already has 30 residents on board.

Residents involved attend information sessions where they are taught have to legally bait the dogs.

Aside from baiting the dogs, the campaign encourages residents to install motion detection cameras and contact Local Land Services whenever they see a collar-less dog wandering the area.

“We will never be able to completely eradicate wild dogs, but we can manage them to reduce numbers,” Mr Parker said.

“We want to stop them spreading further into the suburbs. The aim is to get them where they are now.”

Mr Rudd urged his neighbours to take part in the campaign.

“This is a whole of community problem and it is up to us as landowners to do our bit whether by doing the training to legally bait or by just reporting wild dog sightings,” he said.

For furtherinformation or advice call 1300 795 299.

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Play promotes love of lifelong learning

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LOVE LEARNING: Learning through play is a proven way in which to give children a lifelong love of learning.Advertising feature

Community Kids Lake Albert Early Education Centre is inspiring a love of learning through thecentre’s School Readiness Program.

The program is dedicated to ensuring your child is prepared withthe essential early learning skills required to give them an excellent start to their schooling years.

The curriculum is delivered through a proven ‘learning through play’ approach to develop yourchild’s lifelong love of learning.

This advertising feature is sponsored by the following business. Click the link to learn more:

Community Kids Lake AlbertAs a parent, you are able to receive regular updates on your child’sjourney, including photos to make sure you never miss a moment of your child’s development.

“Our degree qualified educators work closely with each child to learn their strengths and interests,whilst also working through their weaknesses to ensure every child is fully prepared for school”, said centre manager, Elisabeth Stevens.

“The children get so much joy out of the program and especially look forward to fourth term, as thisis when they have their school orientation visit to Mater Dei Primary School.

“This visit really helps toeliminate any unsureness for the children who are starting school the following year,”she said.

Community Kids Lake Albert Early Education Centre offers extended hours of care from 6.30 am to6.30 pm and provides a courtesy bus service to give you greater flexibility around your workcommitments.

Government fee assistance is also available to eligible families, ensuring all childrencan be given the same opportunity to learn and grow in their early years.

For more information or enrolments please contact the centre manager, Elisabeth Stevens, on (02) 6922 5788 or visit 苏州美甲美睫培训学校communitykids苏州美甲美睫培训学校419论坛.

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Cougar cements place in four

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COOL, overcast conditions with little breeze greeted Cougars and Lock at Kapinnie on Saturday afternoon. Both sides were looking for a win.Cougars was looking to cement itsplace in the fourto see some September action and Lock, who have been competitive most ofthe season waslooking to chalk up itsfirst win.

The game got underway with two talented youngsters in Dylan Wandner for Cougars and Andrew Heath for Lock to slog it out in the ruck, as it was Cougars doing the early attacking with Boyd Kenny and Bradley White in the action early. Blaze and Saxon Kay were defending hard for Lock getting touches. Landon Gregory took a strong mark 45 out and goaled to give Cougars the early lead. Sam Ness was having a field day on his wing and Wandner was dominating the middle. When Lock did go forward, RohanMontgomerieand Jack Green held firm in defence. Cougars went on to kick another fivefor the quarter while Lock failed to score. Cougars 6-5 to Lock, no score.

Lock came out with more intensityin the second with Siviour, Corey Webb and Damian Kelly all finding plenty of the ball but Cougars werefirst on the board when Clint Ackland goaled from 50. Lock wasrewarded for itsefforts when Webb passed off to GradyDutschkewho kicked an easy goal from 15 to put them on the board. It was Cougars for the rest of the quarter with sixunanswered goals including three to BradyTosold who was finding form on his wing. Cougars took a commanding 91 point lead into halftime and it could have been much higher had they not missed some easy goals. Cougars 13-13,Lock 1-1.

Lock moved Kelly onto Ness who had been dominating his wing and Andrew Hetzel onto BradleyHazelgrove who was creating his usual havocaround the ground, it was Cougars however who were on the board first with goals to Ackland and Flynn Paech early. Lock’s mid field were still working hard with Billy Brown and Hetzel. When Luke Northcott cleared the ball at the centre bounce and passed off to Timothy Boehm who marked 35 out and kicked truly to give Lock itssecond. Dutschke goaled soon after for Lock and Cougars went on to kick another fivefor the quarter. Threequarter time score, Cougars 20-18,Lock 3-1.

The last quarter was all Cougars, kicking eightunanswered goals, with youngster Paech kicking five for the game and bags of fourto Hazelgrove and Ackland. It was a confidence boosting win for Cougars as the finals loom, however the loss of Gregory with a hamstring injury was disappointing. Best players for Cougars were Wandner in the ruck and Hazelgrove and Paechwith his five goals. For Lock, Siviour, Northcottand Alex Wiseman all had good games.Final score, Cougars 28-23,Lock3-1.

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Doodle Cooma Comments with John

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THEREhas been a suggestion from local Fire Authoritiesrepresentatives in creating a fire break on the western side of Henty. Apparently a fire break, of at least 30 metres wide, is to be constructed. It has created some discussion and it will be interesting to see if the plan is accepted.


THE AustralianArmy Band Kapookais appearing in the Henty Civic Centre (Community Club), this comingSaturday evening. Their performance has been organised by Henty’s Rotary Club and the profits from the event will go to Albury-Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre. This centre still requires significant fundraising to complete the outfitting of the accommodation and care rooms.

A number of our community have already had the need of the services of the centre. Children from our school bands have been presented with a free ticket; provided they are accompanied by a paying adult.

Over the past month the Rotary Club has also run a raffle for double passes to the Albury Gold Class cinema and a collection of 5c coins at various spots around the town has raised in excess of $300.

Added to the donations will be half the proceeds of last Sunday’s Lutheran Ladies’ Guild casserole luncheon. This has been a concerted effort by the Rotary Club and the aggregate sum will be recognised as a Community effort. Bookings for the concert can be made at Dales Electrical. This is an experience that can be enjoyed by all ages as it not all marching music.

The band enjoy the opportunity to play a wide range of music, not just traditional marches. It is hoped everyone in Henty will have participated in some way; fundraising ends July, 2016 for this round of activities.

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RATS getting ready to race

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The Ulladulla Runners and Triathletes (RATS) welcome guests, visitors and potential new members to join us, for any of our runs or rides. All standards catered for. There is no initial fee.You are not obliged to run, or ride, the full distance and can turn back at any stage.

KEEPING PACE: Ulladulla RATS competed in the Batemans Bay parkrun on the weekend. Ulladulla RAT, Nicole Rattenbury (3rd from right) was the 30 minute pacer and finished in 29.39.

For further informationring or text Lauri on 0438 44 55 73 (running) orPhil on 0417 047 120 (riding).

Batemans Bay parkrun,Saturday, July 23:Last Saturday, the organisers of Batemans Bay parkrun held a pacer run.That means that there were seven pacers running the 5kms. This was a good opportunity for runners to try and achieve a goal time.

One of our RATS, Nicole Rattenbury, was the 30 minute = 6 minutes/km pacer.A couple of other RATS also attended, but unfortunately the windy conditions precluded personal best times on this occasion.However, both runners ran solid races and were happy with their efforts:Jodie Toghill,24.27,2nd outright and 1st (F45-49);Kim Waters,24.47,3rd outright and 2nd (F45-49);Nicole Rattenbury,29.39. Great pacing for those wanting to achieve sub-30 minutes for 5km. Thanks to Nic and all ofthe other volunteers involved.

Sutherland to Surf,Sunday, July 24:

Last Sunday, Barbara Maxwell raced in the 11km Sutherland to Surf event.She covered the distance in a sensational 1.07.02,coming 5th in her age group.

Local running,Sunday, July 24:

Locally, the Ulladulla RATS met near the entrance of the Lake Tabourie Holiday Park.The weather was a little chilly, but good once you got moving.The runners headed south along the highway and turned into Lemon Tree Creek Road.This is a good quality, but very hilly, dirt road which loops around, west of the highway.

Nearly all the runners covered the full 20kms out and back, along this challenging route.A few took diversions for a little less, but all travelled at least 14kms for the morning’s hit out.Coffee after at Maccas was much appreciated.

Running next Sunday,July 31:

Next Sunday is the RATS’ 5km and 10km Handicap number 7. This handicap is now at Narrawallee Inlet, on the corner of Macleay Street and Matron Porter Drive, due to the markets at Mollymook Beach. So come along for a fast flat run.

All new runners start at 7am, so arrive a little early and be ready to go.Those who have run the handicap previously will receive their handicaps by email.Please know your handicap and be ready to run at the correct time, to assist the handicapper.

For more information, see Ulladulla RATS on Facebook, or visit the RATS web page at: http://ulladullarats.weebly苏州美甲美睫培训学校/ For cycling, search Ulladulla RATS Cyclists in STRAVA. Note – you will need to logon, or establish a new STRAVA account first.

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Pokemon GO craze catching on in Eden

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FRIENDS: Eden’s Rhyse Grewar (front) with Eden’s Nickolas Smith and Bega’s Tamika Johnson all met up at Asling’s Beach to collect Pokemon. (Photo: Eden Magnet) SOUTH Coast folk of all ages are being seduced into the natural world, and the unnatural one, in the pursuit of Pokemon creatures since a new Nintendo phone app was launched earlier this month.

Some say it’s simply fun and a good excuse to be outside, others warn it’s yet another step towards a machine-addicted future, with accidents, trespassing, and social dysfunction all part of ‘the game’.

Bega resident Tamika Johnson travelled to Eden last Monday specifically to hunt Pokemon characters, and admitted to the strong mind control of the game after being enticed to step into a closed car yard at night to secure a “Golbat” character.

“It’s trespassing I guess, but I just stepped over the chain, got the Pokemon and left,” Ms Johnson said.

Police report further physical and psychological “trespasses” resulting from Pokemon GO.

“Of significant concern to officers were two incidents at Cabramatta, where the drivers of two vehicles were engaged in playing a game on their mobile phones while driving,” a Police Media spokesperson said on Tuesday.

In each case, those drivers were effectively putting themselves, their passengers and other road users at great risk, the police said.

But it appears there’s no limit to how far people will go for the game, with Eden student Kye Drewberry literally lured out of town.

“There are no Pokemon around Wolumla,” Kye said on Tuesday.

“So we drove to Canberra for a day.

And we wanna go to Sydney to catch Pokemon soon.

We’ve wasted a lot of fuel, driving around.

We have jobs, so we can work and pay for our fuel.

But it’s making the bank balance go down a bit!”

An Eden psychologist, who wished to stay anonymous, said the game is just another “addiction to a machine that mediates everything”.

“Emotional health, social connections, a sense of being worthwhile; the machine is becoming increasingly vital in that,” the psychologist said.

“We’re becoming a cyber people.”

CATCH IT: Bega resident Tamika Johnson shows off the Pokemon GO app on her mobile phone. (Photo: Eden Magnet)

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