An expensive exercise in using other people’s cash

by admin on September 19th, 2018

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CRACKED TRACK: Jason Slattery has started a petition to get Eglinton Road fixed. Photo: NADINE MORTON 072216nmegoroad1FORMER British prime minister Margaret Thatcher once said that “socialism was great fun until you ran out of someone else’s money” or words to that effect.

I guess Bathurst Regional Council channelled those thoughts from the “Iron Lady” when it made the decision to purchase a property in McKell Street, West Bathurst in what mayorGary “Good News” Rush indicated was “the most expedient way to remedy the whole situation”.

In essence, council used over $450,000of ratepayers’ money to buy a house where it had previously approved a pool and privacy screens that an adjoining owner subsequentlyobjected to due to the lack of notification of the original development applications.

It resulted inJustice Rachel Pepper, in the Land andEnvironment Court, stating the decision was “irrational, perverse and bizarre”.Ouch.

So, doing a bit of rough maths, council wasted more than $200,000on legal fees fighting two separate subjective planning staffdecisions, which resulted in the embarrassing verbal flogging by Justice Pepper.

Now council has spent almost $500,000,including stamp duty and legals, to purchase the house that caused the drama with the intention, I assume, to pull down thepool.

So you can add another $100,000to the ratepayers’ expense for demolition as council can do nothing cheaply.Then council will have toresell the house without a pool for substantially less than the purchase price.

So all up, this debacle has cost ratepayers anywhere between $400,000and$500,000.

Oh well, look on the bright side, dear ratepayers:council hasmade some changes to the DA process as a result of this case “to reduce subjective judgements by planning staff”.

I ask again: where is the accountability within local government to ratepayers?

Finding middle groundTHE National Broadband Network (NBN) is on its way to Bathurst, with some residents receiving letters indicating that a node will be constructed at the front of their property.

Well, this is great news for the majority of Bathurstians, but it appears the NBN issomewhat inflexible in regards to the location of the node, as one Windradyne resident has discovered after being notified a node will be constructed essentially in the middle of her block -yes, dead centre.

It will be interesting to see where nodes will be located throughout the conservation area. I, too, want the NBN, but not an ugly onemetre-wide green box at my front door.

Overdue concernIT was great to see an Eglinton resident protesting about thesubstandard condition of themain arterial Eglinton Road.

This may become a regular occurrence in an attempt to focus council’s engineering department on a particular street.

Ratepayers in Toronto Street should be next to step in line.

Thumbs upTHE Macquarie River getting a good flush-out, resulting in Burrendong Dam filling to more than50 per cent.

Thumbs downCOUNCIL spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money to clean up a mess created by it.This money could have been used to sponsor the Rotary Young Drivers program for the next 20 years.

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