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by admin on July 22nd, 2018

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THE Moslem gentleman, who challenged Pauline Hanson on her perceivedproblem of Moslem prejudice, talked of fear, ignorance and hate. (ABC’s Qand A,Monday, July 18).

LESSON: “I would say to Pauline Hanson, if we have freedom of religion then she cannot stop Moslems, as such, from coming to this country” – David J Huck. Photo: SMH

These states of mind are the key elements in the dangerous unrest withinAustralia, and even more in the wider world.

Pauline Hanson has fear, and represents the fear of this country.She is alsoignorant of Islam and Moslems, I would suggest.

The Moslem gentleman alsohas fear, and is also ignorant of our culture.

Both of these people aretherefore generating prejudice against each other.Prejudice can lead to hate.This is xenophobia, unreasonable fear of the other.

Unfortunately our Attorney General, George Brandis, has stated that we areallowed to be bigoted, which is not good advice, especially coming from anAttorney General, I would suggest.

We are talking about freedom of speech,and freedom of religion, which in our democracy we are privileged to enjoy.

Moslems have to understand both these privileges.

They come to Australiaunderstanding there is freedom of religion, but presumably they do notunderstand exactly what freedom of speech means, in relation to their spiritualbeliefs.

I would say to Pauline Hanson, if we have freedom of religion then she cannotstop Moslems, as such, from coming to this country.

I would say to the Moslem gentleman you are free to practice your religion,but you also have to understand freedom of speech.

I would also ask him whether he knew that Salmon Rushdie, a British writer,had a fatwa imposed on him by the Ayatollah Khomeini, the spiritual leader ofIran, because Rushdie was perceived to have written a blasphemous book.

Here is a spiritual leader of one country imposing a death sentence on thewriter of another country for writing a book.Is that right?

The British taxpayersfooted the bill for Mr Rushdie’s police protection from a seriously threatenedcrime.

The blasphemy laws vary in Australian states, but the last conviction for suchan offence in NSW was in 1871.

Sharia law is very different from NSW law.

I would also ask our Moslem gentleman to read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book ‘Infidel’.She speaks as a Somalian Moslem, who was circumcised by her owngrandmother at the age of five.

We call that genital mutilation.Is that right?

Because Ms. Hirsi Al became apostate, a sentence of death was imposed onher!Is that right?

Those Australians represented by Pauline Hanson have the right to ask, witha mounting toll of death and destruction throughout the world, all perpetratedby people calling themselves Moslems and chanting “Allahu Akbar” – God isthe Greatest – how do they know which Moslem is which?

I believe Sharia law applies both sticks and carrots to persuade followers ofIslam to continue to follow Islam: the sticks involve death for apostasy,following in your responsible position in the Senate.

If not God, then for thesake of our own and children’s united, multicultural society.

With freedom ofspeech in mind, why is there a need to insult people, which may welljeopardise our privilege?

What is notably absent there is love.Maybe we should start with the Fair Go.

David J Huck.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

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