Backgrounding key to carcase success

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Top job: Chris and Marianne Wyllie, Gympie, took home a swag of prizes at the Gympie Carcase Classic including the award for the highest dressing percentage with 61.2 per cent.The 2016 Gympie Carcase Classic attracted large numbers of competitors from notable beef producing areas with organisers deeming it the most successful event in years.

For the first time competition cattle were backgrounded for about 49days prior to feedlot entry and Goldmix Stockfeeds’ Jo Offord said the difference in results from start to finish was outstanding.

“We had big problems with Bovine Respiratory Disease last year from the word go and we can now clearly link that to the cattle coming straight off mum,” he said.

“If you’regoing to put cattle in a feedlot straight off a cow that has been producing good milkit will take that beast roughly four weeks just to turn around and adjust to the grain.

“The rumen is familiar with the proteinin the cow’s milkand throughbackgrounding we can alter the rumenof that beast at a lesser extremeso when cattle enter the feedlot they start on grain much better.”

Mr Offord said last year’s issues with sickness were linked to stress, exacerbated when enforcing a swift transition from the cow herd onto grain.

“In comparison to last year the cattle ate 4.6 tonnes plus a bale of hay per day in the first three days without background and averaged 7kg weight gain in that time,” he said.

“Essentially they’d been trucked, some for long distances, andcurfewed for their induction weight so the first thing they wanted to do when they entered the feedlot was gorge themselves.

“This type of system causes rumen bacteria problems that take 12 hours to break down and four weeks to rebalance but we eliminated that problem immediately this year by backgrounding.”

This year’s competition cattle were fed at Narelle and Noel Cheshire’s Windera Glen Feedlot at Windera, via Murgon.

Cattle were inducted and weighed before receiving a seven week backgrounding period on a good grass paddock prior to starting on the feedlot ration.

With an average weight of 319kg at the commencement of feeding, cattle began on astarter ration of 13.5 per cent protein and 10.5 megajoulesof energy. The ration is also 15 per cent fibre to help keep the rumen moving after thegrass diet, as well as 2.5 per cent fat, calcium and phosphate.The starter ration was fed for 14 days to ensure cattle started properly.

At half way cattle averaged 403kg with an average daily gain of 1.78kg, compared to the 2015 results where cattle averaged 380kg at half way gaining 1.5kg on average daily.

At the conclusion of 86 days on feed the 2016 carcase competition cattle weighed 451kg.

Carcase competition overseeing judge Barry McIntyre said the 2016 event produced the best cattle in terms of even fat cover he had seen.

“This was the first year since I’ve been judging that everything covered. Most of the cattle had fivemillimetresand only five or six head didn’t have more than three millimetres,” he said.

“The weight gain from the feedlot was fantastic- the backgrounding obviously played a significant part as well as having good weather mild weather conditions.

“Thecattle were noticeablyquieter to handle than in previous years and that goes a long way towards better yields.”

Having worked at Nolan Meats, Gympie, for 19 years,Mr McIntyre’s current role asboning room team leader lends him great credibility injudgingthe Gympie competition- a task he has undertaken for the last three years.

Mr McIntyre said it was becoming more common to see high muscle measurements of more than 100 square centimetres in the competition.

“An increase in better yielding carcases is a good thing generally but ithelps us in the boning room a great deal and the team behind the scenes have done a great job.”

Results:Most suitable carcase for the domestic market- Thompson familyThe Charlie Cotter allrounder- Pratt familyMost suitable carcase for the domestic market (heifer)- Pratt familyMost profitable animal- Zerner familyBest aggregate of carcases- Pratt familyHighest WAM score- Wyllie familyThe Dylan Dalton cattleman’s choice- Minnamurra Pastoral Co.Most successful first time exhibitor- Rosa Cattle Co.Highest dressing percentage- Wyllie familyEncouragement award- A Templeton & SonHighest index score- Minnamurra Pastoral Co.Best weight gain in feedlot- Zerner familyBest weight gain at backgrounding- Rosa Cattle Co.Carcase with largest eye muscle area- Pratt familyThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

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