Debutantes raising money and looking pretty

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SOCIAL DEBUT: Ebony Gallagher,Abby Sharman,Sarah Byrne,Sarah Walmsley,Molly Garth Emily Walmsley,Emily Shannon,Amy Kempton front Bree Simpkins and Maddy Petersen absent Claudia Campbell.ELEVEN YOUNG Glen Innes girls will put their best dress and dancing shoes on and step out into society on August 20 at the Glen Innes and district services club.
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The Glen Innes charity Debutante ball will be an event not to be missed on the local social calendar.

The young debutantes will also be raising money for Cystic Fibrosis.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is an inherited genetic condition that alters the way salt is transferred in and out of cells causes mucus to be very thick and sticky and to build up in the organs. It mainly affects the lungs, digestive system and the sweat glands and is the most common life shortening, recessive genetic condition in Australia.

In Australia a debutante ball symbolises the soon to graduate high school student stepping out into the young adult world.

Even spokeswoman Elizabeth Walmsley said traditionally the girl asks the boy to the ball that includes dinner, speeches and ballroom dancing as major parts of the evening.

“We are going with tradition and 11 young ladies will be stepping out into society on the night,” she said.

“Whilst they are following tradition with the leadership of a very dedicated and small committee they are also using the night to raise money for a charity close to their hearts which is Cystic Fibrosis.

“People with CF often lead a life whilst relatively normal is also a rollercoaster of daily physio therapy and a lot of medications.”

Mrs Walmsley said a lot of hard work dedication and time goes into organising an effective night.

“The committee is working tirelessly trying to make the night as magical and memorable as they possibly can for the special young ladies and their partners whom have stepped up to the plate to make this night possible,” she said.

“We are now hoping that the Glen Innes community will also get behind the Ball and support us in our endeavours to firstly make the debutantes night a very special one indeed and raise some money.”

Tickets for the Glen Innes Charity Debutante ball will be available from August 1 at the services club reception and are $50 adults and $20 children under 12.

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Muster means farmers on web

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The launch ofnbn’s second satellite,Sky Muster(TM)II, scheduled for Octoberwill have major benefits for local farmers who are in internet blackspots.
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Simon Barton and his family who live about 25kms from Wellington near Mt Bodangora and have never ending mobile and internet problems. He believes this is a game changer for his business and local farmers who have bad internet blackspots.

‘’We have been suffering in the past with internet non connection, the service dropping out, not performing at all so the new service will help our business here,’’

Taking off from French Guiana Space Centre in South America, the SKY musteris set to orbit 36,000km into the sky and is one ofthe world’s largest communications satellites, weighing in at 6,400kgs.

Following the successful launch ofnbn’s first satellite late last year,Sky Muster(TM)II publicity says it will provide additional datacapacity to support the delivery of the company’s world-leading satellite broadband service.

The technology will help bridge Australia’s digital divide for around 400,000 homes and businesses in regional andremote Australia by providing them with better access to distance online education and healthcare services aswell as the ability to run more efficient agribusinesses from our outback farms.

‘’The mobile blackspots we’ll keep plugging on with and trying to talk with pollies about these .But wedo use the internet everyday, we do online livestock selling, uploads video and photos of horses and stock to sell, internet banking, webinars and at last we can use the satellite to help business grow’’ Mr Barton said.

Alicia Garden, CEO of Grain Growers said it was time for her community to catch up with the rest of the country and she is excited.

“Grain Growers Limited represents grain farmers across Australia. Like any other business, grain farmersrequire fast, affordable, reliable internet connectivity to operate their enterprises to their potential. However,currently many farmers are not able to access connectivity comparable to their urban counterparts. Access to thenbn(TM)Sky Muster(TM)service signals a potential game-changer for grain growers. It will enhance connectivitystandards to improve the efficiency and profitability of Australian farming by changing the way farmers dobusiness – in particular their capacity to collect, analyse and apply agriculture data.”

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Diners startled by smash-and-grab burglary

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STARTLED diners witnessed a smash-and-grab burglary in Hamilton early on Saturday night.
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Detective Sergeant Mark James, of the Hamilton police crime investigation unit, said that an offender approached a jewellers about​7.30pm on Saturday in Hamilton’s Gray Street and punched a hole in a window.

He then reached in and stole a handful of rings before running off.

“The restaurant across the road was full at the time and there were two women coming out of Subway after getting dinner only a couple of metres from where the smash-and-grab took place at the time,” he said.

“The offender has cut himself in the process of committing the crime and there is security camera footage that’s being examined by police members.

“Items from the store were discarded nearby and forensic examinations are being conducted in relation to the crime scene and the discarded items.”

​Detective Sergeant James​ said the offender was wearing bone-coloured shorts and a white T-shirt over the top of a black jacket.

“He’s raced off with a handful of rings but the potential loss to the business could have been far greater,” he said.

​”The offender would best be described as disorganised and desperate. Anyone with information about the crime is requested to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or the Hamilton police station.

“We’re looking for someone who was wearing shorts on Saturday night who has suffered a cut to his hand or arm.”

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People and PlacesPHOTOS

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People and Places | PHOTOS KATHERINE PRIZE: Dr Wendy Garden and Suzanne Fermanis with Pennyrose Wiggens winning art piece “Road trip”.
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Di Watkins and Jenny Kennedy.

Maxine, Bernadette and Victoria McCormick standing in from of one of their mothers paintings.

Harvery Karpany and one of his untitled paintings.

Sofia Ali and Kelly Berg

Steve Roper and Megan Ashley

Jules Griffin and Jennifer Molloy

Jayne Nankivell and Ian White.

Anne-Maree and Rob Fewtrell

Sophie Rauner and Wendy Garden

Jayne Newman, Teresa Cummings, Annalisa Bowden, Kym Davis and Kelly Berg.

Alison Worsnop and Chris Renehan

Oil painting on found bonnet, “Road trip” by Pennyrose Wiggins – winner of the Brian and Jeanette Lambert Art Award.

Winner of the craft prize “Ngukurr crocodile” by Alan Joshua.

Primary school prize winner “Stormy day” by Rhiannon Brown.

Year 10 and 12 winner “Elephant at dawn” by Hayley Lye

CHARITY GOLF DAY: Sunday Punters, Emma and Rob Perkins, Kevin Riley and Graham Mackenzie.

David Shemmel, John Janson, Teresa Cummings and Ben Bowden

Carlie Hill, Lou Galloway, Jenny Mackie and Megan Smile

Alison Vincent, Alan Jones, Allan Lodge and Angela Harding

Great Northern Tradies, Lindsay Turner, Chris Horton, Aggro Blair and Ducks Ross.

Duane Barclay and Jason Vincent

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More severe weather for Wimmera

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Picture: SAMANTHA CAMARRI WIMMERA is set for another windy day,the Bureau of Meteorology renewed a severe weather warning for the region.
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The bureau report said Wimmera residents couldexpect strong and damaging winds throughout the day.

The reportsaid acold front south of the bight will move rapidly eastwards on Tuesday, crossing Victoria on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

North to northwesterly winds will strengthen ahead of the front late Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Damaging winds averaging 50 to 60 kilometres an hourwith peak gusts of 90 kilometres an hour are forecast to develop on Monday afternoon across the Wimmera.

They will reach the south-west, central and north-central forecast districts and contract eastwards across parts of the north-east, west, south Gippsland and east Gippsland forecast districts into the evening.

Wind gusts of about 110 kilometres an hourare possible inalpine areas.

The bureau issued a warning to sheep graziers across theMallee and Wimmera.

It warned sheep graziers that cold temperatures, rain and showers and strong north-westerly winds could hit on Monday, particularly during the afternoon and evening.

There is a risk of losses of lambs and sheep exposed to these conditions.

The State Emergency Service advisedpeople to move vehicles under cover or away from trees, secure or put away loose items around the house, yard and balcony, and keep clear of fallen power lines.

SES chief officer operations Trevor White encouraged residentsto take care,stay alert and be careful.

“There are some easy way to prepare yourself, your home, your family and your business for damaging winds,” he said.

“Drive to conditions as strong winds can bring down trees and power lines onto the road creating dangerous and unexpected hazards.

“Do not park or seek shelter under trees as winds can blow down branches without warning.

“Remember to tie down any loose items around your property like trampolines and garden furniture if it’s safe to do so.

“It’s important to stay informed about your local situation and not depend on others to keep you safe.”

People who need help in floods or storms should call their service unit on132 500.

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More money for health service

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HEALTH: James Speedy says this funding will help with Indigenous health issues.
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THE STATE Government has allocated more funding to the Armajun Aboriginal Health Service to enable it to focus on disease prevention.

Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall announced another $212,000 in annual funding for the busy centre.

Mr Marshall said the funding would help the service refer more people to healthy lifestyle and treatment programs such as the Go4Fun child obesity program and the Get Healthy Coaching service.

“The poor health of Aboriginal people compared to the rest of the population is well documented,” he said.

“The tragedy is that illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions that afflict Aboriginal people are preventable.

“This additional NSW Government funding is being delivered to help Armajun educate its clients about the links between lifestyle and disease.”

More than 92 per cent of Armajun’s clients are Aboriginal people. In an area covering the local government areas of Tenterfield, Glen Innes, Guyra, Armidale, Uralla, Walcha and Inverell, with an Aboriginal population of 4,228, the service treated 3,178 clients in 2014/15 and provided nearly 44,000 occasions of primary health care.

Glen Innes Armajun Aboriginal health worker James Speedy said the funding may help local indigenous people become more aware of their health.

“Our aim is to make people aware of their own health and taking care of themselves,” he said.

Mr Speedy sees big problems with Indigenous health in Glen Innes.

“I see it every day, the hardest thing for my people to get away from is smoking and drinking, cancer and diabetes is also a big problem within the Indigenous community,” he said.

“A lot of people don’t realise they have diabetes until it is too late and by the time they do all I can do is try and assist them to get the right treatment.

“It would be good to encourage healthy living so problems like diabetes don’t occur, or happen less.”

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High speed to Canberra

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VIABLE OPTION: An example of high speed electric multiple unit trains in China. Proponents of a high speed rail plan say Canberra to Sydney would take only 40 minutes.
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PROPONENTS of the latest high speed rail link say a trip from Canberra to Sydney will take 40 minutes, but have not put the national capital on the main route.

Consolidated Land and Rail Australia managing director Jay Grant says Canberra will be an important part of the $200 billion plan, expected to take 40 years to complete.

A high-speed train spur line from Yass will link to Canberra Airport. Airport managing director Stephen Byron says it once again raises the prospect of Canberra being a secondary airport for Sydney.

Based on creating new cities, the privately funded project would use real estate development to pay for rail infrastructure, enabling both cities and train to be possible.

Mr Grant says on their own, new cities in the region will not be viable and on its own, he did not believe high speed rail would be viable either.

The project would be privately funded on a value-uplift model.

Mr Grant says this needs new city development where maximum uplift in land values is available, which is not available in existing cities like Canberra, with elevated real estate prices. “They must be greenfield,” he said.

Mr Byron is surprised CLARA is proposing to begin the scheme in Victoria, rather than linking Sydney Newcastle and Canberra first.

But he is supportive of CLARA and any other bidder that wants to come forward.

Mr Byron says Canberra Airport’s terminal has the space, and the ACT Government endorsement, for a high speed rail station.

“The game-changer in all of this has been the public discussions that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has had about value capture,” Mr Byron said.

“That is a significant signal to not only this consortium but to others that have been thinking about this sort of project for some years.”

This made projects of this magnitude more viable.

“If high speed rail is built between Sydney and Canberra, Canberra would be able to serve as a significant reliever airport for congested Kingsford Smith Airport,” Mr Byron said.

“So while we still support Badgerys Creek airport, this would allow the federal government to save many hundreds of millions of dollars on that project and deliver additional aviation capacity for Sydney basin.”

Mr Grant says Yass and Goulburn would be among new satellite cities that would open up the whole region.

“Then you have this enormous regional economy and regional labor market that extends hundreds of kilometres, rather than just Sydney, just Melbourne, or just Canberra,” Mr Grant said.

“Australia doesn’t have to work out how to make bigger cities, it is not about making Sydney and Melbourne bigger, it is about making more cities,” he said.

Australia’s population was projected to grow by 14 million, and people expected to go to Sydney and Melbourne.

“What we are offering is if they want to go to a region, they can do so and enjoy a lifestyle with a brand new, smart sustainable city and not go without proximity to major hubs when they need or desire it,” he said.

Canberra Business Chamber chief executive Robyn Hendry says the model highlights places like Canberra as a regional hub, the overcrowding of places like western Sydney and Melbourne and ability of people to have higher quality lifestyles moving away from high density places.

Yass Mayor Rowena Abbey says ratepayers began asking her about the proponents about six months ago, when they made offers for options on land in the Yass area.

“Some ratepayers who know me as a friend say is this right, what shall I do?

And I’m suggesting they speak to their lawyer or real estate agent, because it is outside my skill set advising them on property,” Mrs Abbey said.

The high speed rail map drawn up by proponents Consolidated Land and Rail Australia(CLARA). Photos supplied.

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Peckers re-establish dominance at home

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INTERCEPT: Graham Johncock ran in to take this chest mark against Boston’s Christian Dorward.MALLEE Park were too good at home, defeating Boston by 70 points at home on Saturday.
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The Peckers looked strongwith Ronald Carbine, Kingsley Bilney Jnr and Lindsay Benbolt back from playing in the Don McSweeny Aboriginal Lands Cup the previous weekend.

Mallee Park struck quickly with Scott Young getting the first goal of the game.

The Peckers controlled most passages of play early and were keeping the ball near or inside their 50 for much of the quarter.

Boston’s defenders were working overtime but Mallee Park were setting up too many opportunities.

A four goal to none quarter saw Mallee Park lead by 28 points at quarter time.

Boston tried to lift in the second, using quick passes to move the ball forward but Mallee Park had superior numbers in defence.

John Miller was in red hot form as he helped set up Mallee Park’s momentum by running the ball out of defence.

Corey Ware kicked his second goal of the game, which proved to be Mallee Park’s only goal for the quarter as Boston’s defensive pressure kept the Peckers from setting up scoring shots.

Christian Dorward continued his great form in defence while captain Sam Kolega went after the contested football.

Normally up forward coach Isaac Christian had a good first half in the midfield and helped to drive Boston forward while Willy Woldt put his speed to good use.

Despite this Boston couldn’t make it count on the scoreboard but they did get their first goal through Ben Leahy to still trail by 28 points at half time.

Mallee Park went into the half determined and looked to put the game out of all doubt.

Two goals from Young and one from Kingsley Bilney Jnr saw the Peckers stretch to a near 50-point lead.

Ware and Young were instrumental in getting the ball inside Mallee Park’s 50 while its midfield moved well with effective disposals.

Boston’s midfield were making errors which Mallee Park capitalised on, a saving grace for the Tigers was its defence who kept the margin from extending further.

But a four goal to none quarter saw Mallee Park enter the final quarter with a game winning 58-point lead.

Mallee Park started the fourth quarter on a high note as Bilney Jnr made a centre break to set up Graham Johncock who kicked the goal within the first minute.

Follow up goals to Corey Ware and Fabian George added further pain to the Tigers, who had trouble getting effective disposals.

Boston finally goaled through Paul Theodosiou but the positivitywas short lived as soon Mallee Park celebrated Hippy Wanganeen’s first goal in his first A grade game.

Adam Hywood lifted for Boston and scored the team’s last two goals for the match but Boston were missing more than they were hitting.

Adding to the woes Christian limped of the field in the last quarter with what looked like an ankle injury.

Three goals each to Ware, Johncock and Young helped Mallee Park run away with the 70-point win.

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Public weighbridge made available

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Council General manager Hein Basson
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THE GLEN Innes Severn Council has made the weighbridge at the Glen Innes Aggregates site available to the public and set a per head fee for trucked livestock.

Council made the aggregates site weighbridge available after a submission from a livestock owner questioned why the saleyards was the only weighing venue in town.

A fee of $7.70 per head will now be applied to vehicles using the public weighbridge for trucked livestock.

Local cattle producer David Donnelly questioned the reasons behind council only providing the council owned saleyard for livestock weighing.

“It may not be always possible to have a saleyard scales operator on hand when cattle arrive for weighing and in circumstances where large numbers of cattle are trucked (50 to 80 head), apart from the considerable cost per head, there will be a considerable time delay in the weighing process,” he said.

“It should be the livestock producer’s choice as to how stock is sold and there should be no directives by council imposing undue impositions.

“A public weighbridge should be available to the public to weigh whatever produce or material that they wish and I think it is quite inappropriate for council to use its position of power and authority to direct business from one council owned entity to another.”

Council General manager Hein Basson said the new operational plan will allow the use of the council public weighbridge.

“The amendment to the draft 2016/17 schedule of fees and charges within the operational plan to include a fee for the weighing of vehicles carrying livestock at council’s public weighbridge should rectify any time delay for the movement of livestock that may have occurred in the past,” he said.

“This amendment will provide producers with a choice as to how their livestock are to be sold and should address the concerns raised.”

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Winter wins award

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AWARD: Brian Winter with his award for 35 years of service to the Royal Agricultural society as a member of the Northern District Exhibit council.Brian Winter has recently been recognised for 35 years of service to the Royal Agricultural society as a member of the Northern District Exhibit council. But Mr Winter’s involvement in Agricultural shows goes as far back as his childhood. CRAIG THOMSON reports.
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“For as long as I can remember I have been involved in shows,” Brian Winter says as we talk about his love of all things rural.

“I was a member of the Glen Innes Rural Youth Club from the age of nine and my project was growing vegetables.

“I used to have quite a big garden and my father would help me and show me how to prepare my ground and sow my seeds.”

Mr Winter said he and his dad would be very busy at show time and would always take a car load of vegetables to town.

“But we didn’t just compete with our vegetables at the shows, a lot of the kids in Rural Youth Club would have steers,” he said.

“My sister and I would take our steers to Tenterfield and compete, there were a lot of families involved and we all had a lot of fun, especially at show time and I have made life long friends from those days.”

Mr Winter took his love of the shows into his adulthood and joined the Glen Innes Show society when he was 18 years of age.

“I have been a member of the show society ever since then,” he said.

“I am currently vice president and I enjoy everything I do and have done at the Glen Innes show, especially looking after the farm produce section and the Merino sheep section,” he said.

“It has been a very rewarding experience to be involved with the show and show people over the years and it is especially good that the Rural Youth animal nursery is one of the first stops for families when they visit the show.”

Mr Winter still sees preparing for rural shows as a positive experience.

“My first big show was the Royal Easter Show a week after I turned 18 and that was quite an experience,” he said.

“Everyone puts a lot of effort into district exhibits, most of them are huge and a lot of hard work goes into preparing them with long days to get them finished before a show opens.

“The Northern District Exhibit goes to Brisbane in August and that is always great and it is also warmer than Glen Innes.”

Reflecting on his time with the Northern District Exhibit council and the Glen Innes Show society Mr Winter said that friendship is the glue that binds the people who come back year after year.

“I have met so many people from all over the state and Southern Queensland and a lot have become good friends,” he said.

“Shows for me are all about the people that exhibit and all the showgoers that make for a fun time for all ages.

“My family and I have had so many wonderful times at all the shows and they have been a very big part of my life and will continue to be.”

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