Close attention needed to solve rural crime

by admin on September 20th, 2019

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Rural crime statistics show the days of being able to trust everyone in country areas have gone, sadly.

From thefts of firearms,stockand equipment totrespasssing byillegal hunters, these offences are emerging as a significant problem for the agricultural industry.

It is happening out west, but it is also happening in close proximity to ourcities and towns in the Central West,as recent break-ins show.

It is a problem severe enough for the government to launch an inquiry earlier this year.

In forums organised and promoted by the NSW Farmers’ Association, the review heard from hundreds of farmers across the state about increasing concerns regardingrural crime.

Key problems identified by members included resources and capabilities of police to respond to crime, the penalties associated with the crime, and the infrequency with which strong penalties were handed down to offenders.

With those reports in mind, the peak body has formulated new policy calling on the NSW government to take a number of actions to try to curb rural crime.

The association passed a motion calling for the government to provide additional funding and staffing for rural police stations, particularly so they can attend the out-of-hours calls that are inevitably associated with crime on farms.

It has also called for a minimum mandatory fine of $5500 for trespass.

It would be bad enough to have strangers running amok in a place of business, which is what a farm is.

But what is worse is people trespassing and hunting on the properties that are home to farming families.

People need to be able to feel safe on their properties and go about in peace to make their living from the land.

Police are working hard on this and have made some good breakthroughs, but to have more officers out and about could only help act as a deterrent.

More personnel deployed may also lead to more cases solved.

And tougher penalties have value has a specific deterrent to the people caught, as well as a general deterrent to others in the community.

It’s also something to which we can all make a contribution – keep an eye out for anything unusual, report offences and lock up your property.

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