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by admin on April 20th, 2019

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All Aboard: Newcastle artist Trevor Dickinson’s depiction of a bus stop at Maitland.

See this artwork. It reminds us of the old cartoon Fat Albert.

D’you remember that show? “Hey hey hey, it’s Fat Albert. And I’m gonna sing a song for you….”

This bus stop used to be at Maitland railway station. Trevor Dickinson created a popular artwork of the structure.

It’s something about the style and colour of the art that triggered this connection to Fat Albert.

We freely admit we could bethe only person in the world to make this link.

Anyhow, we should stop daydreaming and do some work.

This artwork is actually Newcastle artist Trevor Dickinson’s depiction of a bus stop at Maitland.

ABC Newcastle producer Anthony Scully told Topics that Trevor had to “climb a fence to photograph the old bus stop structure at Maitland in a railway siding”.

“You can still find it on Google Maps but my sources tell me it’s not there anymore,” Anthony said.

He was hoping to film a segment with Trevor with the actual bus stop or a similar one.

If anyone knows where to find similar bus stops in the region, Anthony would like to know.

He had heard the Maitland bus stop was moved to a park in Sydney and being refurbished for use as a shelter.

Trevor’s artwork of the bus stop was “now famous in Canberra, adorning prints, postcards, tea towels and coffee mugs”.

McCloy’s SecretsProperty developer Jeff McCloy shared the secrets of his success at a Newcastle event on Monday night.

The former lord mayor was keynote speaker at a business seminar titled The Secrets To Property Success at The Lucky Hotel in Hunter Street.

Jeff kindly shared a list of his secrets before the seminar began.Here they are: Profit when you buy, not sell; buy the worst house in the best street;add value;have self belief;the market has seven-year cycles; do your homework; don’t buy when everyone else is buyingunless you see something they don’t; buyproperty as closeto a CBD as possible because values rise faster there than elsewhere; opportunity knocks softly; be very careful of managing yourdebt; ensure you have enough cash flow; have determination andnever give up; ask yourself if you could survive the worst that could happen in adeal; have a fall back position; maintenance of investment properties anddesign and colour are important; focus on the detail; if you just want to make money, it probably won’t work; if you want to do a good job and make money, it might; when you look at a building for sale, don’t see walls –think what it could be.

Quiz Show SecretsTopics reported last week about Russell Cheekand his story of winningSale of the Century in 1993.

Russell, who grew up in Newcastle,performed a theatrical show about the experienceoverfour nights last week at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Bolton Street.

We checked it out on Saturday night. Itwas brilliant, funny, nostalgic and revealing.

Russell won the big prize on the quiz show, collecting cash and prizes worth more than $313,000.To achieve this, he had to win eight consecutive shows.

In his performance at the theatre, he revealed that each episode of the quizshow wasfilmed 10 minutes apart.

Having won his seventh show, he was on a roll. The schedule for that day included one more show, which would have featured Russell going for the grand prize.

But at the last minute a producer told him they had a “technical problem” and couldn’t do the last show.So Russell had to fly back home to Sydney.It seemed like they were trying to “psyche him out”.When he returned to Melbourne for the final show, he overcame his nerves to claim victory.

We asked Russell if he believed the show organisers were trying to “rattle him” to prevent him winning the big prize.

He said he believed their story about the “technical problem”. Was it acoincidence that on his final show he came up against a woman who seemed to have a real chance of beating him?In the end, it didn’t matter. Russell blitzed her. The guy has an amazing brain.

Joke of the DayHave you met my friend Annette? She’s married to a fisherman.

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