Kids happy as pigs in mud at Goodstart

by admin on November 20th, 2018

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MESSY PLAY: There is no denying it – the kids at Goodstart Tatton are truly happy as pigs in mud when they get the chance to play in the centre’s own mud pit. Advertising feature

Playing in mud may not sound like an activity where children learn valuable skills.

But the pre-schoolers at Goodstart Tatton are preparing for school through the glorious medium ofmud.

Goodstart Tatton centre director Melanie Swan said the mud pit provided a place for children toexplore, create and discover though messy play.

“They engage in active play through hands on experiences and taking physical risks, they investigatecreative design and construction and use their imaginations through dramatic play with their peers.

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Goodstart“Individuality is encouraged, and children are given space to explore whatever grabs theirinterest, with educators always close by to extend their knowledge and thinking when theopportunity arises,” Ms Swan said.

“The children make friendships, solve problems, engage in discussions, take risks, tackle challenges,share resources, participate in group learning, ask questions and listen to others; all skills whichassist children in becoming socially and academically ready for school.”

BUILDING CONFIDENCE: Children get to learn, play and grow through Goodstart’s preschool program.

Ms Swan said the children learnt through their own spontaneous experiences as well as plannedactivities.

Mathematics skills are taught through measuring and counting, discussions andquestioning nurture literacy skills, and the children experiment by manipulating objects to seecause and effect, and exploring textures and forms.

Meanwhile, the preschoolers at Goodstart Wagga– Lake Albert Road are learning to giveback to their community through a local garden.

The centre established the garden in 2015 on a small plot of land leased from the church next doorand Wagga Bunnings donated all the plants to help get the project going.

Goodstart Wagga centre director Suzanne Wakefield said the children were involved ineverything from planting and maintenance, to harvesting and cooking with the ingredients at thecentre.

The local community and Goodstart family members are invited to participate as well, with familiesoften taking fresh fruit and vegetables home with them when they come to pick up their children.

Goodstart Early Learning’s preschool program is centred on play-based learning that combinesexciting and stimulating activities with the development of literature and language skills, basicmathematics concepts and exploring how things work.

Play-based learning allows children to explorenew ideas and test their skills, thinking and knowledge through trial and error.

It equips them with the skills needed to adapt to the school environment and their subsequent lifejourney.

The Goodstart preschool program puts a strong emphasis on building social and thinking skills,language and independence with the right mix of fun, structured learning and physical activity.

It is delivered by a degree-qualified teachers in a safe, nurturing environment where the child’sexperience is paramount.

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