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SURPRISE: Alice Lauder rides to a surprise win at the Access criteriums. Lauder skipped away from the field half way through their race.Tristan Ward, Nathan Crump, Chris Harrison and Alice Lauder provided a new batch of winners at the Nowra Velo Club’s Access series of criteriums on Sunday.
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While Lauder picked up a grade win in February, all others were first time winners at Nowra Velo events in 2016.

As Alice Lauder led the way with points for the Hanlon Windows team,this gave them their first team win for the year with Scott Thompson, Aaron Coghlan, Aaron Lauder, Graham Johns, Frank Neri and Jo Chalain adding the tally.

The Bomaderry Vet Hospital/Coffeeliscious placed second and still hold a comfortable overall lead, as Hanlons sneak ahead of Optus, The Watts Factory and BaiMed Physio.

Tristan Ward’s win came at the end of a fast aggressive A grade race that saw the field splintered in the final 10 minutes.The field gradually reduced over the course of the event until only Thompson could go with a powerful surge by Ward.

The closest chasers into the final three laps was Coghlan and Jade Colligan (BVJ/Coffeeliscious), with Steve Crossman (Optus), Mark Astley and Godfrey Green (BaiMed) almost a lap behind.

Ward led into the final straight and held Thompson at a length over the line.

Coghlan and Colligan provided a close tussle to the line where Coghlan had the judges eye for third.

Nathan Crump (The Watts Factory), Paul Mackie (Optus) and Gavin Nethery (The Watts Factory) hit the line abreast for the closest sprint finish of the year in the B grade race where the decision went the way as noted.

Ian Kielly (BVH/Coffeeliscious) was the most active rider in C grade but his team mate, Chris Harrison took the win by a clear two lengths ahead of him in this event.

Graham Johns (Hanlons) finished third in a close tussle with Darren Pretious (BVH/Coffeeliscious). Alice Lauder took the D graders by surprise when she skipped away from the field half way through their race. Alice was out to 100 metres before a reaction came, with Brad Oaten chasing and getting close to closing the gap before easing up and returning to the bunch. Chalain put in a big effort over the last 800 metre lap to secure second, with Oaten taking third.The next race is theJack Hartnett Memorial handicap.

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Plane sailing for air show

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Paul Bennet Air ShowsORGANISERSof the Kempsey Air Showare pleased to announce there will be an exciting liveperformance by the talented artist Josh Needs on Sunday,October 2, at theconclusion of the flying program.
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Josh is a singer, songwriter and virtuoso guitaristwith a musical brilliance far beyond his years. Josh has shared stages with the likesof Diesel, Russell Morris, Jon Stevens, Tommy andPhil Emmanuel andmore.

North Coast Community Events Inc will stage the two-day fundraisingair show atKempsey Airport on the October long weekend to raise funds for non-profit/charitable entities in the Macleay Valley.

The air show will involve flying demonstrations of historic and modern aircraft aswell as a range of static displays including a Cariboufrom HARS and otherprivately owned aircraft.

Members of the public will be able to get up close to someof the exhibited aircraft. Then at 11.30am the flying program will startwith up to three hours of jaw droppingaerobatics by Paul BennetAir Shows, the Russian Roolettes and more. This will takeplace on both days.

A family atmosphere will be generated at and around the airport precinct with theparticipation offood and drink concessions, allied displays and activities as well asentertainment for children including a paper aeroplane competition etc.

Visitors are likely to be attracted to Wings over Macleayfromthe Sydney, Newcastle and New England areas as well as from nearby centres suchas Taree, Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour. The air show will be promoted in all of those areas.

Volunteers who wish to participate in this exciting adrenalin rush event andinterested stall holders are encouraged to visit the website for details.

Early bird tickets are available from the website (梧桐夜网wingsovermacleay南京夜网419论坛) or they can be picked up in person fromMacleay Options Inc,15 Smith St,Kempsey, SOS Phone Repairs, shop 6Peachtree Walk,Horton St,Port Macquarie and from Wauchope Sports andTrophies,23 High St,Wauchope.

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An expensive exercise in using other people’s cash

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CRACKED TRACK: Jason Slattery has started a petition to get Eglinton Road fixed. Photo: NADINE MORTON 072216nmegoroad1FORMER British prime minister Margaret Thatcher once said that “socialism was great fun until you ran out of someone else’s money” or words to that effect.
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I guess Bathurst Regional Council channelled those thoughts from the “Iron Lady” when it made the decision to purchase a property in McKell Street, West Bathurst in what mayorGary “Good News” Rush indicated was “the most expedient way to remedy the whole situation”.

In essence, council used over $450,000of ratepayers’ money to buy a house where it had previously approved a pool and privacy screens that an adjoining owner subsequentlyobjected to due to the lack of notification of the original development applications.

It resulted inJustice Rachel Pepper, in the Land andEnvironment Court, stating the decision was “irrational, perverse and bizarre”.Ouch.

So, doing a bit of rough maths, council wasted more than $200,000on legal fees fighting two separate subjective planning staffdecisions, which resulted in the embarrassing verbal flogging by Justice Pepper.

Now council has spent almost $500,000,including stamp duty and legals, to purchase the house that caused the drama with the intention, I assume, to pull down thepool.

So you can add another $100,000to the ratepayers’ expense for demolition as council can do nothing cheaply.Then council will have toresell the house without a pool for substantially less than the purchase price.

So all up, this debacle has cost ratepayers anywhere between $400,000and$500,000.

Oh well, look on the bright side, dear ratepayers:council hasmade some changes to the DA process as a result of this case “to reduce subjective judgements by planning staff”.

I ask again: where is the accountability within local government to ratepayers?

Finding middle groundTHE National Broadband Network (NBN) is on its way to Bathurst, with some residents receiving letters indicating that a node will be constructed at the front of their property.

Well, this is great news for the majority of Bathurstians, but it appears the NBN issomewhat inflexible in regards to the location of the node, as one Windradyne resident has discovered after being notified a node will be constructed essentially in the middle of her block -yes, dead centre.

It will be interesting to see where nodes will be located throughout the conservation area. I, too, want the NBN, but not an ugly onemetre-wide green box at my front door.

Overdue concernIT was great to see an Eglinton resident protesting about thesubstandard condition of themain arterial Eglinton Road.

This may become a regular occurrence in an attempt to focus council’s engineering department on a particular street.

Ratepayers in Toronto Street should be next to step in line.

Thumbs upTHE Macquarie River getting a good flush-out, resulting in Burrendong Dam filling to more than50 per cent.

Thumbs downCOUNCIL spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money to clean up a mess created by it.This money could have been used to sponsor the Rotary Young Drivers program for the next 20 years.

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Moree Physie Club is fabulous fighting fit

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The Burleigh Heads Physical Culture Club workshop held at the Moree PCYC on July 2 and 4. THREE times a week women and girls from throughout the region come together for Physie, an all-in-one dance class.
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Trainers from Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast made the journey to Moree to workshop with the girls aged 13 to opens on July 2, and for those aged four to 12 years on July 4.

“Lauren and Elise came from their prestigious club to help the girls with their technique,” head teacher Sam Cosgrove said.

“The girls covered a lot of stretching to help increase their flexibility, marching techniques and position to improve their routines.”

The first competition for the Moree Physical Culture Club willbe at the Speers Point Interclub in Newcastle August 7, where Moree is taking a bus load of girls.

“These Interclubs are in preparation for our Zone competition in Tamworth in October,”Sam said.

“With only ten weeks to go, the girls are working hard on their routines.”

Should the Champion Girl competitors receive a place at Zone, they qualify for Junior Nationals at State Sports Centre in Homebush.

“Interclubs are important to see how you are standing and a great practice before the big Zone competition,” Sam said.

The second Interclub will be held at the Runcorn Park Interclub in Brisbane featuring 400 competitors, where a small number of Moree girls will attend.

The Moree Physical Culture Club has 75 members ranging from four to 60 years-of-age, who come together every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Physie has been around for more than 120 years and is popular nationwide with more than 200 clubs scattered throughout Australia.

Head teacher Sam Cosgrove said that anyone from four years-old can participate in Physie and fitness is not an issue, as Physie will help to improve coordination, rhythm, fitness, strength, flexibility andconfidence.

“It’s popular because it combines everything great about dance; jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical as well as strengthening like Pilates,” Sam said.

“You get the chance to learn from all different styles of dance, and you have incredible opportunities to perform locally, in the zone and nationally.”

“The biggest of opportunities isbeing able to qualify to dance on the Opera House stage.”

Enrollment is available all year round for Moree Physie, with the focus for term onein learning the routines, term twois perfecting, and term three is competition and performance.

You can visit the Moree Physical Club at the PCYC on Boston Street, or phone on6752 4981.

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Hall funding granted

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THE Tumby Bay District Council has received grant funding to install disabled toilet facilities in the Tumby Bay Soldier’s Memorial Hall.
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OPEN DOOR: Tumby Bay District Council chief executive officer Trevor Smith said the new toilet facilities could mean increased hall patronage.

Member for Grey Rowan Ramseyannounced last week the council would get $6400 fromround two of the federal government’sStronger Communities Program.

The funding will go towardunisex disabled toilets inside the hall.

The funding will cover half of the $12,800 cost of the toilets, budgeted for in thecouncil’s Annual Business Plan.

The council’s chief executive officer Trevor Smith said this was a great result for the council and would ensure more people could use the hall in the future.

“We’re really pleased that it’s been successful,” he said.

“There were no disabled facilities at the hall and this will increase patronage at the hall by those groups who will benefit from the introduction of a disabled toilet facility.”

The hall has seen widespread use bythe community recently, includingtheTumby Bay Showboat Stars of the Futureshows held on July 9 and 10.

Mr Ramsey said he was delighted to see the council would be able to put in the facilities for its patrons.

“The Tumby Bay Soldiers Memorial Hall is an important facility in the coastal town and is used by many groups in the community and I congratulate the council on this initiative,” Mr Ramsey said.

“I was recently privileged to attend the Stars of the Future variety concert and am pleased that this funding will allow disabled facilities to be available for everyone who attends these fantastic community events.”

The Stronger Communities Programwas created to fund small capital projects in local communities within each of the 150 federal electorates.

The first round saw $150,000 provided to 19 projects across the Grey electorate.

The council has three other projects that require grant funding before they can continue –the Port Neill Foreshore Plan, sealing the Balumbah-Kinnaird Road and the Tumby Bay stormwater management plan.

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Spading brings benefits

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SOIL STRENGTH: Kimba cropper Trevor Cliff in a wheat paddock that was spaded this year to incorporate clay and organic matter into the soil.
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WHEN harvesting a newly-purchased property in 2011, Kimba cropper Trevor Cliff said his yield monitor did a strange thing.

“Theprevious owners had spaded a small patch of the paddock several years earlier, so every time the harvester went across that ground, the yield monitor would go berserk (increase dramatically),” he said.

Despite previously hearing aboutthe benefits of spading, Mr Cliff was hesitant because of theexpensive clay spreading they had recently undertaken.

“But the results were too good to ignore,” he said.

A spader is a digging machine that mixes soil thoroughly up to 40 centimetres, enabling the incorporation ofclay, stubble, green manure, fertiliser and/or trace elements.

Early last year Mr Cliffsaid they decided to invest in their ownFarmax spader, with theirclay spread paddocks the first target.

“The aim was toincorporate that clay band deeper into the soil,” he said.

They followed the spader immediately with the seeder last season, withthe risk ofsoil erosion in mind.

“The process still technically works up the ground and we wanted to avoid drift, so we made sure there was enoughmoisture toallow the crops to establish and stabilise the soil,” Mr Cliff said.

They spaded about140 hectares in the first year, mainly sandy soils, which were sown toKordwheat.

At harvest, the spaded paddock yielded an extra0.5 tonnes/hato 0.8t/ha, which encouraged Mr Cliff to proceed.

They have sincespaded more than300ha, with mainly clay and organic matter, but also some trace elementsincluding copper and zinc.

But spading isa process thatwillrequirefurther fine-tuning.

“We are still trying to find out whether different soils prefer different spading depths, whether lighter soils prefer shallow spading, because of it being prone to erosion, so we still have a lot to learn,” Mr Cliff said.

“We have been lucky the past few winters in that crops have emerged quite quickly, reducing the chances of drift, but that may not happen every year.”

Mr Cliff said the ultimate goal was tospade and seed at the same time.“It isexpensive to set-up so we will look more into it in the next two to three years,” he said.

Thepreviouslyspaded wheat paddocks were sown to lupins this year,tocompare withnon-spaded lupin paddocks.Mr Cliff and wifeKerri, with son Randall and long-timefarm assistantTrevor Clifford,crop 4200ha of owned and leased landnear Kimba.The no-till operationincludeswheat, barley, lupins, peas, canola and oats for export.

New varieties were being trialled on-farm this year, including Sceptre wheat, which is grown alongside longer-growingCutlass, ClearfieldKord and high-yielding Mace.

The season is going well, with 50 millimetres to90mm of rain beforeseedingand140-150mm so far for the growing season.​

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Out and About in BathurstJuly 25, 2016

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Out and About in Bathurst | July 25, 2016 Peg Oliver with Norma Johnston at Legacy’s Christmas in July. 071816clegacy5
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Olga Blattman and Pat Jones enjoyed a meal for Christmas in July. 071816clegacy3

Kath Squires and Maisie Scott enjoyed a meal for Christmas in July. 071816clegacy1

Bathurst Legacy Widows Club president Marcia Seymour with Maisie Scott at the Christmas in July luncheon. 071816clegacy6

Marcia Seymour and Kathie Winner enjoyed a meal for Christmas in July. 071816clegacy4

Ruth Aubin and Thea Smith enjoyed a meal for Christmas in July. 071816clegacy3

Courtney and Colin Burke were at the Farmers Markets. 072316pbfarmers7

Stacey Booth-Mollema and Ellen Maloney were at the Farmers Markets. 072316pbfarmers8

Beryl and Julie Everson were at the Farmers Markets. 072316pbfarmers4

Sally Crossing and Kay Cleaver were at the Farmers Markets. 072316pbfarmers2

Darren, Rebecca and Ben Eardley were at the Farmers Markets. 072316pbfarmers1

Renee and Peter Hein were at the Farmers Markets. 072316pbfarmers3

Wayne and Deanne Chandler were at the Farmers Markets. 072316pbfarmers6

Wendy Alexander, Noreen Munson and Daniel Munson were at the Farmers Markets. 072316pbfarmers9

Fairydust facepainters Fairy Junebug and fairy Flutterby were at the Farmers Markets. 072316pbfarmers5

Michael and Heather Rendell enjoyed themselves at the Macquarie Lions Club changeover dinner. 072316clions5

Gavan Ellis with John Fish at the Macquarie Lions Club changeover dinner. 072316clions7

Heather and Bruce Mulligan enjoyed themselves at the Macquarie Lions Club changeover dinner. 072316clions6

Rex and Heather Gilroy enjoyed themselves at the Macquarie Lions Club changeover dinner. 072316clions3

Incoming president Judy Ryan with outgoing president Graham Carter at the Macquarie Lions Club changeover dinner. 072316clions1

District governor Roger Thomas, incoming president Judy Ryan and outgoing president Graham Carter enjoyed themselves at the Macquarie Lions Club changeover dinner. 072316clions2

David Hughes with Neil Barlow enjoyed themselves at the Macquarie Lions Club changeover dinner. 072316clions4

Rhys Frame, Gary Adams and Craig Stringer at the Blue and White Ball. 072316cpball8

Lauren Stevens was with Bec Kable at the Blue and White Ball. 072316cpball10

Ben Hagney and McCoy White with former NRL player Mark O’Meley and Sandy O’Meley at the Blue and White Ball. 072316cpball12

Jo and Daniel Finn at the Blue and White Ball. 072316cpball1

Tracy and Jamie Stevens at the Blue and White Ball. 072316cpball9

Grant Coleman with Erin Gissane at the Blue and White Ball. 072316cpball11

Bec Harris with Joey Coughlan at the Blue and White Ball. 072316cpball2

Maddy Lynch, Jade Smith & Imogen the Blue and White Ball. 072316cpball4a

Grace Mooney with Jack Mackay at the Blue and White Ball. 072316cpball3

Cayley McArthur with Kate Toohey at the Blue and White Ball. 072316cpball7

Nicci Mackey with Michelle Wootton at the Blue and White Ball. 072316cpball6

Robert Wootton with Warren Mackey at the Blue and White Ball. 072316cpball5

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Dick Saul a giant for the community

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SIDNEYKitchener Saul AM, better known as Dick Saul, died peacefully on July 2, aged 98 years.

He was born on October 27, 1917, to John and Alice Saul of Seven Oaks.He had seven siblings:Tom, Jack, Janet, Dolly, Pat, Jean and Lil.He attended Bellimbopinni Public School and later Kempsey High School.

He worked on the family farm until he enlisted in the army, serving in the 13th Australian Infantry Battalion, 6th Australian Machine Gun Battalion and the Army Training Centre (Jungle Warfare). At the end of the war, he was a lieutenant and was awarded the 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, War Medal 1939-45, Australia Service Medal 1939-45 and Returned from Active Service Badge.

In 1942 he married Betty Gill, a descendant of Methodist lay preacher Silas Gill. In 1945, they settled on the home farm at Bellimbopinni and raised three daughters:Jan, Lynne and Margaret.His stud AIS dairy herd won many prizes at regional shows and it was, at the time, the only cattle stud registered to a man and his daughters. He grew crops on the fertile river flats including corn, potatoes, tomatoes, watermelons and pumpkins.In the mid 1960s, he sold his dairy herd and took on beef cattle.When he was 75, he sold the farm and retired to Pola Creek.When his wife Betty died, he moved again to South West Rocks and spent his latter years at Vincent Court.

He worked tirelessly to support veterans and, in 1990, was awarded an AM; Member in the General Division Order of Australia for service to veterans.He believed in serving his community, being involved in:Kempsey RSL Sub Branch – awarded life membership,RSL State Council – member for 18 years and served as Northern Country vice-president,Kempsey Macleay RSL Club – director for 38 years and awarded life membership,Lions International,Bellimbopinni Hall committee,Junior Farmers,South West Rocks Surf Club,Kempsey Cycle Club,Kempsey Probus Club,Kempsey Woodworking Club (inaugural president),South West Rocks Senior Citizens Club and South West Rockers andLittle Bay Trust – president.He was also a patron for Smithtown Football Club, Mustangs Football Club, Macleay Boxing Club and the Macleay Rifle Club.

Dick is survived by his three daughters, (Jan Baxter, Lynne Henry and Marg Mottee), 10grandchildren and 16great grandchildren.

His funeral was held on July 8 at All Saints Anglican Church, Kempsey.He was buried next to his wife and his siblings at Frederickton Cemetery.His family would like to acknowledge the staff and volunteers at Vincent Court for their wonderful care; Terry Hunt for his unqualified support and the staff of Robert B Walker Funerals for their professionalism and attention.

He lived for those he loved and those he loved will always remember.

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Weekend sport wrap

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Young Golf ClubThere’s plenty happening at the Young Golf Club, so here’s a few dates to save.
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On Saturday,July30 the club will hold a 4BBB Stableford. Trophies supplied by Steve Smith, Craig Taylor andRick Baldwin.

This will be followed by a single medley stableford on Sunday, July31 with tophies supplied by Gumtree Nursery. Saturday, August6 will be a stroke for the Keith Simmons Engineering Monthly Medals, and Sunday, August 7 will be the Holden Scramble sponsored by Harden Geelan Holden.

Get your team together for the Holden Scramble onSunday, August 7. We need aminimumof 48 players in order to get a team to qualify for the regional final.

All cart users are advised to only cross the gully on the top walls of the dams banks closest to the hole they are playing when safe to do so.

Saturday, July 23: ParDean Schofield andSchoie’s Plumbing Trophies:First -Ian Broderick +2,second-Konah Miller +1, third – James French (square) on a countbackfrom Mark Crutcher (square)and Mat McKnight (square). Young Detailing ServiceNTPs – seventh – Ian Wells,17th – James French,Keith Simmons Engineering NTPs –third -Mark Crutcher, ninth – not won, 15th -not won.Terry Brothers Carpet Court Secret Birdie -18th hole – not won.Ian Page Bricklaying Card Draw – not won.

Sunday, July 24: Scratch Pennants results secondround at Young:Young defeated Cootamundra, 4-1.Joel Shields defeated Paul Deep 2 and1,James French defeated Brent Lange 1 Up,Alan “Wally” Wilder defeated John Blackman 3 and2,Jarrod Harding lost to Dean Cartwright 2 and1,Ian Page defeated Garry Mason 3 and2.

Young Golf Club 2016 SWDGA Scratch Pennants Champions: Sunday, July Medley Stableford:Chris andCurly KeevilTrophies:First -Allan “Reggie” Moore 35points, second -SteveDewar 33points on a countback from Steve May 33 points andJoel Anderson (Thurgoona) 33 points.Balls went down to33 points on a countback.

Sunday, July24Young Social Golf Club:Nine Holes Medley Stroke –first -Jake Bourke 34nett, second -Peter Whye 36nett, third – Kevin Baker 37 nett. Bradman’s toSandy Prior 47.

Thursday, July21Medley Stableford:- Pro’s Comp – Due to poor weather Wednesday competition washeld on Thursday.First -Rick Oliver 37points (1 under par), second -John Powderly 37points, third-Max Gilbert 36points on a countback from Ron Flynn 36 points. Balls went down to32 points.Jackpot ball draw was won by Maurice Penson.

DartsBlingwere up forgreat nightagainst Redbacks with it been even throughout the singles, lock at 4-all heading into the doubles. It all came down to the very last game of doubles to see if the Redbacks could push it to the teams game.

Bling found the winning darts to snatch victory 7-5.

Thumpers took on their other home team shots and chasers with it looking like one-way street. Thumpers leading 4-0 before shothit back. Shots going down 7-5 to Thumpers.

Moths hosted the Cri with it beingvery close throughout the first round of singles.Cri cleaned up, leading 5-3 into the doubles.Moths hit back pushing it all the way, coming down to the lastgame. Cri clinching the win 7-5.

Yabbies took on the warriors:Yabbies were trouble from the start as Warriors jump out to 4-1 lead then back it up in the reverse singles to take to 6-2 lead.

Yabbies put everything together but just couldn’t finish off as Warriors push on to win 9-3.

Empires didn’t hold back on the Steamers.Empirescleaned up 10-2.

Thunders try hard up against Jan.Jan were unstoppable to take the victory 11-1.

Clean machine had one of those nights doubles trouble up against Beers and Spears.

Anthony hatch showed a spectacular singles match throwing nine 100s.The next two legs saw eight100s thrown. From there on it was down hill side as they doubles was causes damage as beers kept the pressure up.

Paul Kennedy throwing he’s second 180 for the year as beers and clean up 9-3 victory.

Hundreds on the night:Kathy Whitehouse 114,111,Sally Hewson 100,Lorraine Horne 123,Stewart Irvine 108,Anthony Dawe 127,Belinda Jones 150,133 and 87 peg,Debi Mullins 101,Niss Roberts 123,Ebony Hackett 116,Tyrone Thompson 140,100,Aaron Moloney 160,140,Gray Anderson 121,Deryck 100,Adam Bloor 100,Gray Quinn 121,Oliver Maronery 115,Peter Arabin 116,100,Patrick Walsh 5x100s,Peter Watts 140, 6x10s,Jamie Canellis 115,113,100, and 70 peg,Ben Curry 103,100,Michael Adams 101,100,Colin Death 140, 3x100s,Mitchell Bawden 140, 135, 125, 100,Keith Bawden 114,Shane Sullivan 140, 109, 125,Todd Nichols 121, 109, 5x100s, Adam Harvey 120, 3x100s,Gavin Duffy 108, Brendan Wheeler 140, 2x100s,Anthony Hatch 121, 15x100s,Craig Hugo 121, 120,Jeff Delaney 5 x100s,Jason Mazoudier 4x100s,Joel McMillan 140,Paul Kennedy 180, 6×100’s, and Shannon Genge 2x140s, 121, 2x100s.

Round 13 draw:A Grade

Aussie Beers andSpears versus S andC Steamers at the Aussie.S andC CobrasversusEastern Jan Said no at the Services Club.Eastern ThundersversusAussie Empires at the Eastern.Clean machine have the byeB Grade

Wombat Warriors versus Aussie Thumpers at Wombat.Aussie shots andchasers versusYoung Moths at the Aussie.Young Bling Blings versus Empire Yabbies at the Young.Cri versus Cri Redbacks at the Cri.Young Bowling ClubDespite theweather the Zone 8 Fours Championship games were played and the club pairs and minor pairs finals were completed.

The first round games in the Zone Fours were played on Saturday afternoon and saw two contrasting games.

The Leeton District team of Leon Maybon, Alan Smith, Rohan Dunham and Wayne Everett completely dominated the scoring against the Lake Cargellico team of Glen Habel, Bruce Johnson, Roy Chatterton and Kevin Templeton to win 20–8.

The second game Garry Clark, Christian Morgan, David Quigley and David Ferguson (Wagga Rules) were opposed to Tim Crampton, Rick McAlister, Graeme Rossiter and Daniel Thomas (Tumut) and this game went right down to the 21st end.

The scores were level at 10–all after 12ends and 14–all after 17 ends. Ferguson’s team won threeof the final four ends to win 19–15.

On Sunday morning one semi–final saw Everett’s team playing the North Albury combination of Brett Furze, Alan Ross, Gerald O’Brien and Norm Honey.

Everett’s team led 11–10 after 16 ends. A complete change came over the game at that point with Everett’s team scoring nine shots to zero for a 20–10 win.

Other semi–final Ferguson’s team were playing the local team of Ian Schofield, Ged Hardman, Russell Boyd and Graeme Edgerton.

After nine ends Edgerton’s team had established a handy lead of 13–4 before Ferguson’s team won four consecutive ends to lead 15–13.

After 16 ends the score was 17–16 in Ferguson’s favour and the game could have gone either way but over the final ends Ferguson’s team added 10 unanswered shots to win 27–17.

The final saw Ferguson’s team leading 9–1 after 6 ends before Everett’s team hit back to trail 9–12 after 11 ends.

Ferguson’s team proved too strong over the final ends to run out winners 25–13.

Saturday’s final of the Club Pairs saw Geoff Holt and Graeme Edgerton defend their title from 2015 when they defeated Len Porrett and Brian Madden 27–14.

Geoff and Graeme leading 12–10 after the first 10 ends. From that point, Geoff and Graeme won most of the ends and also obtained some good scores to record a decisive victory.

The final of the minor pairs saw Scott Munro and Troy Summerfield opposed to Grant Fuller and Mark Brownlie.

In an even start to the game the first nine ends had the scores level at 9-all.The next 10 ends, Scott and Troy gained a break to lead 22–15 but Grant and Mark scored three on the second last end to trail 18–22.

At one stageGrant and Mark held 5 shots,enough to win the gamebut Scott and Troy cut this advantage back and despite dropping 1 shot were the winners 22–19.

ThanksBill Maloney, Jock Rogerson, Kevin Porter and Geoff Holt whose official duties kept them out in the cold for several hours over the weekend.

The highest winning margin was 16 shots for Tim Carpenter and Ian Schofield and this was also the number needed to win the jackpot of $200.

The vouchers for the next best score went to Aldo Malvicino and Neal Hines.

Sundaybowls,Harry Long and Peter Berry were the winners for the morning with the very good score of 16 points.

Entries forclub triples closeAugust 7.

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MDBP ‘needs ironing out’

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LEETON mayor Paul Maytom wants all of the agencies involved with the Murray-Darling Basin Plan to find a way to effectively communicate with the community.
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Councillor Maytom said there was so much information out there on the plan, but it was also complex, meaning there are some mixed messages as a result.

“With so many different agencies and stakeholders there is a need to have all of the information accessible and put out to the community and those affected,” he said.

Councillor Maytom said it was important for irrigators and other affected parties to also educate themselves via the many online materials available.

The call for more transparency and moreeffective means of getting the word out has also come from the National Irrigators Council.

Chief executiveofficer Tom Chessoncalled on Minister for Agriculture and Water Barnaby Joyceto ensure “localism”would be hard-wiredinto the planwith the decentralisation of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA).

“To date neither ‘localism’ nor ‘adaptive management’ have played a central role with the MDBA considered by many to be a remote ‘Canberra knows best’ organisation which has a poor reputation for meaningful consultation with impacted communities,” he said.

“If the Basin Plan is to have ‘localism’ hardwired into its DNA then it needs to be truly local.”

Cr Maytom agreed, but said there were already avenues, including in Leeton for feedback to be given directly to the authority.

“We have a local engagement officer here that works on the ground and out in the field to find out what is going on, what the issues are,” he said.

“All of that research and consultation is then channelled back through to the appropriate person at the MDBA.

“It’s important to understand that there are so many complexities surrounding the plan.”

Mayor Paul Maytom This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.