Q & A with Tom Cooper

by admin on July 13th, 2018

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What is your job?Zone Commander of Fire & Rescue NSW Regional North 3 – Tamworth and the New England. I’ve just taken up the role here recently moving from Pyrmont, Sydney.
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Why did you get into this line of work?Wanted a secure career and to make a positive contribution to the community. I’ve always volunteered for things like Surf Lifesavingand coaching junior football teams.

What do you find most satisfying about your job?In my role I am able to make a difference and hope to make the community safer by implementing my initiatives and strategies.

What do you find least satisfying about your job?Some of the not so nice things we see as first responders. Suffering and loss to members of the community makes me feel sad

What is the most fun part about your job?Being able to contribute to community safety and see people take up our initiatives such as replacing their old smoke alarms and getting involved in their family’s home fire safety.

Who do you most admire?My Wife. Despite many years of not being eligible for residency in this country (She’s English) but it hasn’t stopped her from working tirelessly for the community that we came from, particularly her efforts to ensure a new school would be built where it is desperately needed.

What is your favourite food?Chicken Schnitzel sandwich with lettuce and mayonnaise

What is your favourite invention?The bottle opener

What is your favourite place in the New England?The road between Bowling Alley Point and Nundle

If there was a time you could travel back to, what would it be?I’d like to go back to the landing of the First Fleet and ensure that peace was made with the Indigenous Peoples of this land from day 1

What do you love to do on weekends?Visit second hand shops and trash and treasure markets with my wife making sure we stop for a beer or a meal somewhere where we haven’t been yet.

The final word –People of this world need to look after one and other more. There’s far too much to do in life and we should strive to do these things in harmony together

Q and A: Zone Commander of Fire & Rescue NSW Regional North 3 – Tamworth and the New England, Tom Cooper.

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