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by admin on July 13th, 2018

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THERE is no better proof that climate change is happening than the max temperatures on Friday.Northern hemisphere middle of summer Tokyo 24 degrees. Southern hemisphere middle of winter Sydney 25 degrees.
Nanjing Night Net

Jo Coombes,MayfieldREADING theHerald’s shocking revelations of child sexual abuse committed by Catholic paedophile priests it is becoming increasingly obvious that these individuals regarded becoming a priest was an ideal opportunity to perpetrate their crimes against innocent little kids. In other words it was considered one of “the perks of the job”.I realise this now and as an ex-Catholic it makes my blood boil to think that they pulled the wool over our eyes with their hypocrisy and lies for so long. I hope theHeraldexposes every last one of them.

Margaret Priest, WallsendSKATEPark on Bathers Way at south Newcastle beach.Wouldn’t it be great if the youth fromthe Central Coast and Telarah-Maitland etchad rail access to Newcastle station with theirskate and surf boards.

Ken Harvey,Warners BayI WISH to ask people in charge that when Australia reaches 50 to 100 million will the election results be known to the people a couple of weeks before the nextelection?Will the Senate paper be up to four (or more)times that it is now?

D G Hinchcliff,MerewetherTHE proposed new look for south Newcastle would be great but it won’t happen. The people holding the city back will be against this development too.

Danny Wilks,Hamilton NorthDONALD Trump supporters booed and jeered Ted Cruz when he delivered a speech in which he both denounced and refused to endorse Donald Trump. This event lends credibility to the old saying:“It is a measure of a man’s worth to be hated by the right people”.

John Lawton,BelmontHOW does one profile a Muslim: Is it printed on his passport when he entersAustralia? Can we have a Christian Muslim that has changed his faith wearing abadge indicating he is a Christian? As far as I know we still have freedom of religionon our constitution. Do we then only prosecute Muslims and stop them from enteringAustralia? We don’t need a Pauline Hanson, sorry freedom of speech again.

John Van Boeyen,Fern BayINresponse to Peter Ronne (Short Takes, 23/7): the same people who eat shark fin soup,they would have a recipe or two for horse. Ithink perhaps slow cooking slow horse would be appropriate. The smallgood called mortadella translates to dead donkey an Italian delicacy – we could do the same with horse. I wonder where Mr Baird stands on the selling of shark fin in Australia.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayTHE POLLSDOES Ben Kennedy deserve another shot at the Jets’ No.1 shirt?

Yes 69%,No 31%

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