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Men and boys of many ages demonstrated their corroborree before an appreciative audience at Beswick.It’s billeted as a truly unique experience and if the packedcarparks and campgrounds were anything to go by, Australian audiences agreed,flocking to Beswick community on the weekend for a unique cultural experience.

Walking with Spirits festival | Photos Tahitian visitor Carole Doucet learns the art of weaving pandanus from Julie Ashley during a workshop at the festival.

Russell and Djakapurra Mumyarryan gave instruction in didgeridoo to Manu Walker from Tahiti, Sean Hutton from Darwin, and Nik Ellis-Brody from Katherine.

Eva Sayers, Lucia Puleio and Vanessa Gabriel from Penbank-Woodleigh School in Melbourne, with Penny. The school conducts an exchange with the Wugularr school, coming up for a week every year and hosting a return visit in Melbourne.

Tom Lewis and wife Fleur, the driving forces behind the Walking with Spirits festival, pictured in a rare relaxing moment.

Katherine’s Asher Boleyn and his mate Cody from Beswick had fun exploring throughout the day.

Katherine couple Penny and Matt Fawkner were taking in all the colour and excitement of the Walking with Spirits afternoon at Beswick.

Mataranka police officer Vanessa Wallis answers plenty of questions from the boys at Beswick about her gear.

Boronia Saggers was out from Katherine for the day and catching up with Vera Cameron, who had recently returned from a weaving workshop in Canberra.

Sisters Hannah Ashley and Grace Lewis, and Grace’s neice Tirzah Lewis were busy manning the merchandise stall during the festival.

Cedric Billy from Barunga befriended Darwin’s Joshua Scotland at the festival.

The new function centre at Beswick featured panelling with cutout artwork.

A huge crowd from all states of Australia were keen to experience all the excitement offered at Beswick (Wugularr) for the festival.

Even the youngest members of the audience were spellbound by the dancing at the Walking with Spirits festival.

Youngsters from Beswick and surrounding areas were keen to dress up for the corroboree that started the renowned Walking with Spirits festival, run in conjunction with the Australian Shakespeare Company.

Community members getting ready to dance for the audience at Beswick on Saturday.

The women and girls of the community grouped themselves together for their part in the performance.

Younger boys following the lead of an older dancer during the corroboree.

The corroboree in action.

The White Cockatoo mob performed a number of dances on the night as well.

Shadow puppetry was used to good effect to tell the story of bats during the festival.

“Bats are good tucker” was the message in this shadow play performed after nightfall.

Emerging artist Emily Wurrumara mesmerised the audience with her songs, Black Smoke and Wake Up among them.

Emily Wurrumara performed with a trio on the festival stage.

Emily Wurrumara and her trio had plenty of close up interest from youngsters in the audience.

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